Realistic Window Reflection In Photoshop (Fast & Easy)

Top 10 FAQs In Buying A Waterproof or Underwater Digital Camera Answered!

Waterproof and Underwater Digital Cameras FAQ Answered! Find out the best underwater rugged digital cameras and how to buy a digital waterproof camera. Learn the specifications and features that you should look out for and pick the camera that suits you!

How to Start a Photography Business – Learn in 5 Easy Steps

Starting a photography business is a titillating prospect. Imagine doing something that you have come to love as a hobby, and having people pay you to do it! Shall we discover then, how to start a photography business together? Let’s look at the following five steps and start you on your road to a successful business.

The Benefits of the Waterproof Camera

A host of possibilities opens up and becomes available when you use a waterproof camera. An underwater camera can be used for a lot of activities, not only under water. Thanks to the advancement of technology, those cameras are sturdy and can resist in any condition to document every moment of your life.

Learn From the Professionals – Outdoor Portraits Made Simple

Using nature like a backdrop is easily the most creative type of photography. Family portraits just look more natural when your outdoors. Lakes in the background, ponds, green trees and maybe even ducks all add the climate in the picture. But how can you take good pictures when the sun is sky high. This article will tell you how. Very simple tips you can follow to take those great outdoor portraits.

Canon T2i Review

If you go to Amazon, you may get an entire box-complete with some accessories, a few books, and a manual-for around $700. For anyone, especially for new photographers, that seems to be a lot of money. However, there are 6 good reasons why it is also worth every penny you spend:

What’s The Best Protection For A Camera LCD Screen?

Digital cameras have become more advanced today with their external and internal components becoming more delicate and sensitive as well. As such, great care is needed to ensure that your photographic device stays with you for a long time.

How to Create Microstock Photos That Sell – The One and Only Tip That You Need to Know

Our minds are all the time being bombarded by photos everywhere we look. On the internet, billboards, brochures, newsletters, magazines and what have you. It is crucial that your photos stand out from the crowd. What is the one vital element that determines the success of a photo?

Taking Good Photographs at Mid-Day

One of the most common vacation and trip photographs taken by you may be during the mid-day period with the sun over head or at acute angle. This result in photographs that are either over exposed, your friends and family members are shading their eyes with hands or worse, squinting. This article illustrates simple ways in which to achieve good photographs even during the mid-day period. Some of the practical ways to overcome the difficulties and challenges have been illustrated in this article.

Photography Ideas – Staging a Photo Shoot

I always get the question asked, what should I wear? So I thought I’d write an article to help those starting out in hopes that it will help you if the same questions are asked. Or if you are getting your pictures taken it may help you not have to ask… So here are a few of my ideas.

Canvas Prints of the Kids

Can’t think of what could fit that gap on the wall in the lounge? Think it lacks a bit of sparkle? Worry no more because a canvas print of your children would certainly add some verve to the ambiance!

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