Realistic 3D Chrome Text in Photoshop #shorts

Why Archival Printing Online Is a Blessing for Old Memories?

Archival printing online has rejuvenated the people who want to preserve some of the old memories in the form of photographs. Planning is everything to induce your national temporal order to right for all of your promoting campaign but the print method will need some coming up with and forethought because the laws of physics can not be pushed with any aspects of ink drying, print finishing which terribly special ‘law of the courier’ that defies all logic typically.

Should Photographers Be Taken More Seriously?

Artists are often looked up to, they exude a presence and can be showered with accolades for setting a style or trend. Photographers often set trends as well, but are not anywhere near as recognized as those with a brush. Although those draconian times are changing, we as photographers, do need to ask, are we truly artistic in our execution?

A Lens For Every Occasion

WIDE ANGLE LENSES – Wide angle lenses, are identified by the bulbous shape to the glass front of the lens. They are loved by landscape photographers, the world over. A good lens should include high quality glass, have a low corner distortion rate, where a falloff in sharpness in the corners is minimal, and versatile features such as Image Stabilization (IS).

Pooch Pics

The holidays are a time that brings about the thought of taking photos of family, friends and of course our beloved pets. Getting pets to cooperate for photos though, can be a bit of challenge, but with some persistence, patience and some treats, you should be able to achieve a great shot. Dogs are usually a bit more cooperative when it comes to capturing a posed photo.

Photography Tips To Capture The Mood

As the silly season rolls around for another year, you have probably been trying to get good pictures of all your hard work setting up your Christmas decorations and lighting aroud the house or your surrounding area. Quite often, it is just a series of simple easily corrected errors, that frustrate people the world over, when cursing the back of their camera with accusations of being an “inadequate bit of technology”..

Light The Night – Light Painting

Light painting is one of the lesser known techniques in photography and is usually only carried out by serious night owls… and some very keen photographers. Primarily performed at night and outdoors, such night captures can make scenes look more dramatic than they would under normal conditions. Light painting is not a new thing either, it’s a technique that has been used for over 100 years, and contrary to modern beliefs its not at all easy to get the optimal result. Accuracy in exposure settings, the right tools, the right atmospheric conditions, and patience are all key to a great night capture involving light painting.

How to Hire a Professional Portrait Photographer

When you decide to have a portrait taken-whether of the children or of the family as a whole-hiring a professional portrait photographer is something you need to do. There are many benefits to hiring one, including great photographs, but how do you choose the right professional? Here are some tips to make sure you get the person right for your needs.

Responsive Web Design For Photographers

Responsive web design is becoming a huge priority for websites to succeed. With a very small number of websites being responsive at the moment, you have the opportunity to get your photography website responsive before your competitors. As a photographer showcasing your work is very important, so being visible on mobile devices is essential!

Partnering With Your Spouse in Wedding Photography

What if your second shooter knew how you think and was familiar with your photography style and intuitively knew which angles you like the best? What if your second shooter shared not only others’ wedding days with you but also the most important wedding day you had ever been to – your own? What if your second shooter was your spouse?

How to Become a Street Photographer

Street photography is probably one of he most difficult genres of photography, as it is based on the unknown. You can select a frame shot, but you can never select the characters in it or how they will behave to make your picture look good.

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