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The Importance of Photography and Why It Interests Us

Few realize the true importance and interest that lies in photography. Photography is much more than just self-expression and entertainment. The possibilities for this today are endless.

Glamour Photography – What Is Glamour Photography and How to Find the Best Service?

If you are looking for glamour photography well this article outlines what you should look for. It also details how to find the best service at the lowest possible price.

Dealing With the Stress of Planning Your Wedding

Marion Frances is a professional photographer based in Newton Abbot, South Devon. She is able to provide a complete Devon wedding photographer service and event photography.

Top Tips for Macro Style Photography

Macro photography is a very specific skill. Here is some great advice to help you along the way.

Digital SLR or Compact Digital Camera?

This is a discussion many keen photographers need to make. Here is some useful information to consider.

What to Wear to Your Photo Shoot

I am often asked what should I wear to the photo shoot. So here is a guide to follow to make sure you have everything you need.

How to Take the Perfect Jumping Photos

Great advice on how to capture that mid air shot! Follow our tips and you will achieve success.

3 Photography Tips for an East Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are ceremonial feasts heavy with traditional rites and rituals. In spite of diversities in culture, language, and lifestyle, you can observe familiar gears in many Indian weddings across the nation. An East Indian wedding comprises of traditions of Orissa, Assam, West Bengal and other northeastern states of India.

The First Steps Toward Investing in a Photography Business

If photography seems like an intriguing career possibility, there are so many levels, niches, and avenues by which one could approach this vast community. Start with these tips to determine if it’s right for you!

Having a Party in San Diego? Try Renting a Photo Booth

Having a party in San Diego but not sure how you can make it an interesting one? Well, maybe you’d like to try renting a photo booth? It’s one of the most popular party entertainments we have today! Basically, it is where you and your guests can have your pictures taken. What makes it fun is that you can customize your photos using playful props like fancy hats, colorful wigs and even small placards with witty messages. With a photo booth around, your party will definitely be a blast and your guests will bring home a lot of pleasant memories.

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