PTC Edits Your Photos #2 – Must-Know Compositing Tips

A Picture Is Worth Thousand Words

The importance of a picture taken at any place or event is valued only after considerable time has passed. You may not appreciate the picture a few days later. However, you will cherish it when you see it after a few years.

Tips on How to Find a Suitable Photo Booth

Planning that special event not only includes the food and venue. One should also consider how to preserve the memory of the event which is through videos and photos taken on that day; although it is definitely true that everyone can in fact take pictures of themselves. All they need is a camera but wouldn’t it be better if such pictures are taken by paid professionals who are really good at it?

All About Indian Wedding Photography

The most important day in anyone’s life is undoubtedly their wedding. The charisma of the wedding is such that it can bring smile, tears, joy, love- all sprout in your heart at once, and the best way to relish these beloved memories is getting the essence of the wedding captured by a proficient photographer.

3 Tips for Taking Better Family Photos at the Beach

Summer is just right around the corner. As part of a network of family portraits photographers, we know that many families will be headed to the beach at least once year. We can all recall memorable trips to the beach with our parents when we were kids ourselves.

The Importance of A Photo Booth Rental in Every Occasion

Capturing the best photos usually takes practice and great equipment. Whether it ‘s for a birthday or an anniversary celebration or whatever special occasion, it is absolutely necessary that you get a photo booth rental to capture all those wonderful pictures on that special event. Hiring professional help to take care of this aspect will ensure that the quality of the pictures is great. It does not end to that; this also gives the event organizer or planner one less thing to worry about on the big day.

Tips For Setting Up A Photo Shoot.

Tips on what to do when setting up a photo shoot, from finding a creative team to scouting for locations. Aimed at those just building up a portfolio or those unsure how to go about working with a full team of creatives.

What Coffee and Photography Have In Common

The same principles that apply to the novelty of coffee shops pertain to most businesses, including custom photography. This article discusses how to see custom portrait photography as a luxury instead of a commonality.

The Secret To Great Digital Photographs

People often wonder what they can do to improve the overall quality of their digital photos and will spend hours looking at photography textbooks and websites. The techniques and tricks taught by these resources will certainly improve your abilities as a photographer, but even the best camera operators still find that they fall victim to common problems like someone walking into shot, the dreaded ‘red-eye’ and things like power lines or rubbish spoiling your shots. Thankfully, there are plenty of great apps on the market which will allow you to edit out these common mistakes!

Baby Portrait Photography Tips

If you’ve not ever had children and wonder why your mom-friends hold showing images of their offspring to you every chance they get or why they are so obsessed with taking baby portrait photographs, the response is easy. Baby Portrait Photography is a very fascinating and delightful leisure! Mothers and fathers have taken the art of baby portrait taking photos into their own hands. In fact, if you’re a new parent, I bet you have a camera tucked in your bag all the time. To arrest the seen unexpected ‘firsts’ or easily, capturing the right moment that candidly presents itself, are certain the supreme delights of a parent.

A Photographer’s View

A beginners guide to composition, small changes can make a big difference to your photographs. This article will explore some of the basics of composition through the eyes of the photographer.

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