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Breaking the Rules of Photography

Do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that. Photography can be quite authoritarian sometimes with all the rules that you must follow. This is why it is quite a relief that all the rules you do learn can be broken, and broken to good effect too. My graphic design teacher told us that when we are to break the rules of design, we are to do it so that they are obviously broken

How to Photograph in Direct Sunlight

It’s always preferable to shoot in the morning or evening, because the light from the sun is softer and provides a greater ambience. However, sometimes, this isn’t possible, and due to your time, where you are, or whatever other reason, your only option may be to shoot in the sun.

Photography and Backgrounds

Whatever camera you use, whether a top of the range DSLR, or a simple point and shoot, you will always be faced with dealing with backgrounds. Although not the focal point of a photo, they do play an important part in helping to highlight the subject in the best way. In other words, the background should be enhancing the subject, not dominating it.

The Exposure Triangle

One of the most important aspects of photography if you’re looking to go beyond a point and shoot camera is understanding the exposure triangle. Understanding this is the key to building a solid foundation in photography, and producing some great creative shots.

Never Work With Children or Animals

There’s an old saying that you should never work with children or animals, they are so unpredictable, and very difficult to control. For this article, we’ll only focus on one half of this age old saying, on animals.

Some Top Photo Tips for Beginners

Photography has never been more accessible to people as it is now. There is a massive wealth of photographic equipment to choose from, depending on your expertise, budget and depth of desire. However, it’s probably best to start out light, and a point and shoot camera such as Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-ZS10 is the perfect way to start out.

Ever Wondered What the Other Modes on Your Camera Are For?

It’s incredible the amount of people who own good digital cameras that cost a good amount of money, and they rarely explore the different modes the camera offers. Instead, they leave it on automatic, (or at the most, Program mode), and simply point and shoot.

Photo Tips to Use at the Beach

Although a DSLR is the best camera to use in terms of quality and creativity, taking a point and shoot is possibly the safer thing to do with beach photography. Sand is one of the biggest enemies of the camera, and while it would be annoying if your point and shoot did get damaged by sand, it would be a lot easier to deal with than if a DSLR and…

Getting The Best Candid Photos

Often, the best photos of people are the ones taken without them realizing it, ie the style of photography is candid or even paparazzi, as opposed to a standard pose and shoot. This results in some great natural looking shots, that can tell a more poignant story. You can even do this type of photography with a point and shoot, but of course, for full creativity and quality, a DSLR is a better choice.

Using Your Camera to Make Simple Motion Videos

Cameras can be used for more than just taking simple shots. They have a lot of other creative uses, one such use I like to use my camera for is using it as a movie camera.

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