Post Processing for Headshot Photography | Back to Basics with Peter Hurley

A Checklist for Your Camera After a Portrait Shoot

We are all guilty of it. We take our cameras out for a portrait shoot or to capture wildlife shots ot to grab that instant for a great sports action event. We may have changed the ISO, the white balance, the mode, the aperture or the shutter speed, and then when we come to use it again we have forgotten to restore the settings or even to charge the battery. This article provides a simple working checklist that I do every time I return from a shoot. to avoid disasters on my next shoot.

Tips for Brides Choosing a Wedding Photographer

In this article we take a look at some steps to undertake when choosing a professional wedding photographer. This can be used as a guide for brides to help you understand wedding photography and what to expect from a wedding photography package.

3 Top Reasons You Want To Work With Famous Fashion Photographers If You Are An Aspiring Model

Many famous fashion photographers are often not known to the world unless you are in the fashion or photography industry. Photographers are people behind the lens and every snap shot they take can make or break an aspiring model’s dream.

What Decides The Photography Prices?

Whatever it is that you are looking for in the market, you have to know about the prices first and this is the foremost concern for any consumer of any product or service. When you are looking for wedding photography, knowing the wedding photography prices is the first thing you would want to do because it wouldn’t be sensible to spend your precious money for inferior photography.

Photography Tips: The Rule of Thirds

Nowadays photography has become an all round favorite pastime. It’s pleasant, creative, and with the new technology it becomes very accessible. No more chemicals, darkrooms, waiting time, guessing games etc. You take the shot and by the time you look at your display it’s already there, stored and ready.

Create Fantastic Looking Pictures With Trick Photography And Special Effects

This second edition of Trick Photography and Special Effects by Evan Sharboneau is not only a great introduction to photography but will also take you to the next level as you learn how to create fabulous pictures that will amaze everyone that sees them. This e-book has nearly 300 pages, 9 hours of video tutorials and 300 high quality photographs that are hyperlinked to their original location on the internet.

How Science Made the Discovery of Photography Inevitable

  Cave paintings are the earliest evidence of sentient Man and also show that we are, and always have been, a visual species. The hunters chasing mammoths and bison over the plains tell a story and we, thousands of years later, can still understand it. The power and simplicity of the image has transcended language and experiences and thousands of years.

Reasons Why Autumn Is Best For Photography

Autumn is here once again and it’s time to get that digital camera out and spend time outdoors shooting. At this time of the year, for sure many photographers or those who just love to take images of beautiful scenery are excited to welcome the season. And why not? This is one of the best times they can capture great views in their surroundings.

How to Best Use Site-Guides on Your African Photo Safari

Site guides, location guides or park guides as they are called, all serve the same purpose – to provide guidance and advice in place of a physical tour guide. For those of you who prefer self-drive safaris or who cannot afford a guided photo safari then a site guide is the way to go. You purchase the site guide as a downloadable PDF eBook and either print it out or refer to it on your laptop, iPad or Kindle. They have been written for photographers, by wildlife photographers who have spent years photographing in the parks, so you are in effect buying their collective years of experience.

Dealing With Difficult Photography Clients

Like any small business, you will have difficult customers as a photographer. While the majority of your customers will be honest and reasonable, a certain percentage will span the spectrum from merely tedious and annoying to downright abusive. Anyone can deal effectively with reasonable people and that’s certainly no reason for patting yourself on the back.

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