Portrait Photography Posing & Angles: 5 Tips with Kreshonna Keane

How To Take A Good Picture Of Yourself

To make the most of yourself, you need to know yourself. This is especially true when it comes to photography but how do you strike a pose that highlights your best feature.

Rule of Thirds in Photography

Photographers who are new in the field may encounter a lot of theories, terms and rules. One of the most common among these is the ever famous “Rule-of-Thirds”.

Photography Tutorial: A Guide on How to Take HDR Photographs

Many people find that when they take photographs, it is either under-exposed or over-exposed. However, more often than that you will see that certain parts of your photo are under-exposed however other parts are far too over-exposed. HDR photography is combining three different photographs and forming one image.

Photo Restoration With Photoshop Elements

This is a review of Photoshop Elements for anyone interested in dabbling with digital photo restoration, photo repairs or photo enhancement while not spending a fortune on full-blown professional digital editing software. When I was first introduced to Elements while doing a photography course it blew my mind to see what you could do with it and that was Photoshop Elements 2 and was a few years ago.

Photo Sharing

Nowadays, the internet has become indispensable to the majority of the people. Thanks to the rapid development of the information age, people can save much of their time, energy and trouble to communicate with an expanded circle of contacts, even the person who they do not know, to learn more knowledge of various fields without attending courses, to trade with foreign companies on the other side of the ocean without a meeting.

Cultivate Your Photography Eyesight

A question keeps bugging me recently, are we, as the consumers, when the manufacturers pay more and more attention to their customers, losing something as well? By browsing the official web sites of all famous branded cameras, you may notice that zoom lenses flourish every where serving as the kit lenses for almost all the newly developed cameras.

Share Photos, Share Happiness

It is said that “life is drama.” Yes, in this drama, it is actually you, he or she, who is the actor/actress. In this drama, we will meet many people, some are kind, and some are unkind; we will encounter many things, some are chances, some are challenges, some are under expectation, and some are beyond expectation.

My Homemade Personalized Photo Gifts

I always try to give personal gifts to the ones I love. I think that gifts like this show someone how much you care. I have found a way to make gifts that are easy, cheap and fun by making homemade personalized photo gifts. With a little creativity you can never run out of great gift ideas.

Professional Fine Art Photography

Photography is the art of taking the photos through the camera. This is an occupation or career for some and a hobby for many to pursue.

Five Tips For Improving Your Long Exposure Landscape Photography

Long exposure landscape photography can be a lot of fun and yield some rewarding images. By following a few simple guidelines you can get the best out of your camera and come home with some great photographs. To find out how read on.

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