Portrait Photographer Gift Ideas, from $10-$350! | Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Photographic And Video Lighting: The ABC’s

Before we talk about photographic and video lighting let me briefly introduce another concept: f-stops. Around the lens, on a ring, or in the viewfinder of all non point and shoot cameras there is an array of numbers called f-stops that can be selected.

A Scary Tale of Loss and Tragedy – Backup and Archiving Demystified Part 1 of 3

This article attempts to help answer two questions. “When should professional photographers use RAID?” and “Which RAID technology is most beneficial?”

Aspiring Professional Photographers

Are you thinking about getting into wedding photography? Are you actually thinking about getting into photography in general? The old saying goes, photographers are a dime a dozen! But what does that mean for you as a start up photographer wanting to break into the industry?

How Does A Sedona Photographer Captures Nature Through Their Lens?

‘The Red Rock City’ title pretty much says it all. Sedona was given this name for good reason. Nowhere else can compare to views of red buttes and monoliths like those found here. People from all around come to capture their beauty.

Wedding Photography Before and After

Ideally, your wedding photos should encompass your special day, capturing all those little details, loving glances and momentous events. But wedding photography isn’t all about the actual day.

Managing a Successful Wedding Photography Business

Managing a successful wedding photography business can be difficult, gratifying and stimulating all at the same time. A wedding photographer should work well under pressure and be accustomed to people’s feeling. He must also have impeccable time in order to shoot those precious experiences and also well prepared in all facets of the business.

Online Portfolios Don’t Get You Discovered

So you have an online portfolio. Great, and not in the sarcastic way, because you need as much exposure as you can get But don’t expect to get discovered or famous with a portfolio hosted on Model Mayhem, One Model Place or any of the others. It just doesn’t happen.

Photography Views

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word “photography”? Answers vary depending on the individual person asked the question.

Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Review – Why This Is The Best

Are you looking for a new camera, specifically a Nikon SLR, then maybe you’re got your eye on the new Nikon 3100 SLR… a very nice camera. The D3100 has lots of new features that totally enhance this wonderful digital camera to make it one of the best in it’s class.

Learn HDR Photography Using a Point and Shoot Camera

If you are wanting to expand your skills with a point and shoot camera nothing is more intriguing than High Dynamic Range Photography or HDR. It’s a blast!

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