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5 Tips For Improving Your Photography

Taking great photographs can seem like an elusive skill possessed only by professional photographers who must know something you don’t. The truth is, anyone can learn a few simple principles that will lead to better photographs. Read on if you would like to find out how to go about becoming a better photographer.

Compact Camera or Digital SLR – How Do You Choose Between Them?

Both cameras can take great photos and that can just make the decision harder. The choice between a compact camera and a digital SLR will involve a review of some specific features.

Reasons for Sharing Photos With Friends

As known to all, people like to share their individual photos with friends on the Internet. We usually use Facebook, Twitter or Digg these kinds of blog sites to express our feeling and publish photos. But have you ever think about why we often share photos with friends?

Digital Cameras Can Also Take Panoramic Photos

Some people think that when you take panoramic photos, the view should be as large as possible. So they adopt the shortest focal length (wide-angle lens or wide-angle zoom lens). They take it for granted that fewer pieces of mosaic pictures is then needed. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, It is easy to shoot in this way but it’s painstaking when stitching.

How To Pose In Photographs Properly

Having a hard time to pose in different positions while pictures are taken? Worry no more, here are some quick guide on how to pose the right way.

Catchlights in Photography

Catchlights are additional element in your subject that could give life to it. Learn how to make one after reading this.

How to Take Better Pictures – 8 Simple Tips to Hone Your Photography Skills

If you love to take photographs or you are a beginner in photography and you want to hone your skills in taking better photographs, you can actually start learning simple tips and techniques. Expert photographers are not born overnight. In fact, they too, started by learning some simple tips and techniques.

Secure Your Pictures With an Affordable External Hard Drive

If your house were to catch fire have you ever thought about what you would save? For me it would family and pets first and then my external hard drive. You’re probably thinking why a hard drive well it’s because I keep all of my precious photos stored on it.

Getting Started in Photography

Taking good photographs is not just a case of pointing your camera at the target and taking the picture, so it is important to have a good grasp of the basic skills and techniques. And it is these tips for photography for beginners that we will look at in this article.

Is Photography Really Art?

I was curious to find out what were some questions that are on peoples minds about photography. I have found that, “is photography really art,” is one of the most commonly asked questions. Is there a yes or no answer to this commonly asked question?

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