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Photo Frame – A Special Gift For A Special One

Sometimes it is very hard to think of the right gift for someone special. We always try to gift something which will be close to our dear one’s heart. Photo frame gifts are always a very popular gift for both young and old. It helps in celebrating moments that are etched in our memory.

Tips For Taking Portraits Of Children: Another Photography Tip

Sometimes It’s hard to get good pictures of kids. They are usually on the go and have little patience to sit for a picture. In this article I’ll share with you some of my ideas to make them more comfortable.

Portrait Photography Lighting Styles – Rembrandt Lighting

Learning from the old masters The Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn used painting techniques suggesting ambient light rendering shadows and highlights which created the illusion of a three dimensional portrait. Filmmakers and photographers have picked up on this technique and applied it to portraiture and scene lighting.   A host of work to analyze Examples of this can clearly be seen in Rembrandt van Rijn’s work, which include his many self portraits, A Polish Nobleman, Atemisia, Portrait Of An Old Man In Red and a host of others.

Live Green Screen Software Is The Chroma Key Screen Secrete Weapon

Working with live green screen software in your home video studio can be very simple and not quite as complicated as you might think. Chroma key screen allows the movie maker to be able to create any background, he or she desires with no constraints. It is widely used in Hollywood for creating films that may otherwise be impossible to make under certain circumstances due to the impracticality with shooting in a certain location. Ready to learn more?

Using Chroma Key Lights – The Secret Professionals Would Not Tell

Chroma key lights are often known as the ‘lighting for green screen’ process, in which you use spotlight on a colored background that is used as backdrops during video or photography. Using the right Chroma key lights will make the editing procedure much easier.

Portable Green Screen Kit – Home Studio Dream Comes True

Many amateur photographers and film makers dream of creating special effects and creative digital background for green screen on their “sets”, but feel they are unable to do so because they don’t have the same budgets as big studios. But that is no longer impossible because the portable green screen kit that is so popularized in Hollywood is actually very easy to use and doesn’t cost much.

Picture This: Standard Sizes of Picture Frames

Picture frames are commonly made to be in a rectangular, square, or oval shape. Thus, naturally, the available dimensions would be for picture frames of these shapes.

How to Find Online Equine Photography Instruction

Love horses? Love photography? Have you ever thought about learning photography from an online equine photography instructor? It is a lot more affordable than learning in person, and it is a lot more effective than trying to teach yourself or to read how-to books. When you work with an online equine photography instructor, you send in your portfolio of photos (or a select few that you’d like critiques on) and your coach returns his or her comments to you.

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir is defined in the Oxford dictionary as a woman’s bedroom or private room. This is a discipline of photography that captures the intimate and sensual side of a woman in a risqué outfit or setting. This type of photography is never sexual or explicit.

Where Can You Store Your Pictures On The Web? Another Photography Tip

Do you have tons of pictures and want to share them with others or do you just want to keep them safe? In this article I will give you some great ways to do that.

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