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Working With Color

So many people put their camera on “auto” and fire away with the camera internal flash and take what they get. The sad bit is you can sometimes see the same behavior from some people who call themselves professional photographers. The computers in cameras today are just amazing, some cameras even sport two internal computers to make calculations even faster. Those computers do a fantastic number of calculations and read dozens metering points at the same time and give you an entirely acceptable exposure of almost any scene. Many times, however, what the camera thinks is optimal and what’s really the best exposure and color balance are quite different.

Continuing Education For Photographers

If you want to do something interesting, go on a sponsored photowalk sometime or take a photography class and notice how many of the people there are already professional photographers. While it may be a little depressing if you’re just starting out, it points up several important aspects about photography.

Cameras Change But Photography Basics Remain The Same

Many of you will be getting new cameras over the holidays. Camera manufacturers are putting bigger chips behind better glass at lower price points than any time in the history of photography. Some photographers grumble about modern cameras introducing low-cost competition into the market, but overall this is an exciting time to be in photography! While modern cameras make it almost impossible to take a poorly exposed photograph, none of the technological advances have made any changes to the basics of taking good pictures. So, let’s make this year different. Here are a few tips for getting great photos with your new camera, right out of the box.

Fun Photography Projects For The Holidays

The holidays mean getting together with family and friends and a lot of bored kids separated from their usual pastimes and video games and interacting with relatives they may not know well. You can help by suggesting some fun photography projects to not only make the visit more enjoyable for the kids, but perhaps capture some memories for a lifetime.

The Charles W Cushman Collection

Charles Cushman was an amateur photographer who dragged his cameras around to different parts of the world and documented his travels on roll after roll of Kodachrome slides. Not only did he haul his camera gear around for 32 years taking pictures, but he kept good notes along the way. He didn’t just take pictures, he documented the world that surrounded him and then made the visual history available to all of us. Mr. Cushman bequeathed his photography collection to the University of Indiana which digitized and categorized the photos into an online archive of his work that spans from 1938 to 1969.

Learning To See Better Photos

A surprising number of times the best photos are sometimes hiding in plain sight. One of the keys to being a better photographer is learning to see the great photo in even the most routine situations. That skill comes by being able to picture the world as if you’re looking at it through the viewfinder.

Essential Camera Accessories For The Beginner

Having a good digital camera definitely gives you an advantage in taking impressive and quality photos. However, if you want to improve your photography skills, there are certain accessories that you might want to consider.

Street Photography: Creativity at Its Best

Pictures speak a thousand words. It can express many unsaid emotions. Many people are fascinated by the art of photography. One of the most popular forms of photography is street photography.

Portraiture and Pre-Production

Ever wondered how to improve the quality of you portrait images. Dramatically reduce the number of dissatisfied clients and watch your business grow.

How to Create Light Painting Orbs

Light painting is painting using light and it gives wonderful and perfect results compared to the normal cameras. Light painting is also referred as light graffiti or light drawing. Light painting is a technique which is not widely used in photography and many people search for a good light painting tutorial. Mostly it’s used by experts.

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