Photographing NYC in 24 Hours – Holiday Edition!

Tamron 18-200 Super Zoom Lens Review

The Tamron 18-200 offers a number of essentials for the avid photographer. It’s quiet built in motor allows for the capability to autofocus regardless of the DSLR camera. The autofocus feature provides a quieter way to create artful photographs with its 18-200mm zoom lens that allows for a minimal focus distance of 1.5 inches or 1.5 centimeters.

The Canon 55-250 Is An Outstanding Lens

I have heard many different reviews regarding the Canon 55-250, and they were all so very different and yet exactly the same. Each and every review that I read concentrated on a different feature, extolling its virtues and discussing how this specific feature made the Canon 55-250 better than any other lens. One review I read concentrated solely on the Optical Image Stabilizer Technology that the Canon 55-250 uses, while another just could not stop telling me how wonderful the UD-glass lens element is.

A Product Review for Tamron 28-300 Lens

Have you already tried the Tamron 28-300 lens? It is an Aspherical (IF) Macro Ultra Zoom Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras.

The Tamron 200-500 Review – A Super Telephoto Lens

The Tamron 200-500 is a lightweight and powerful high-magnification zoom that offers amazing value. For the money, it’s hard to imagine how you’d find a better, more satisfying lens for your long-distance shots.

Top 6 Pet Photography Tips

Ever wonder how professionals get those great shots of your pet? Read this to find out for yourself.

Making Better Pictures – Framing and Foreground – Composition Part 2

Creating a sense of excitement about your finished art is rewarding. It is rewarding for you and those viewing your art, because, after all, your patrons desire the best art that you can produce. A major component of a great piece of art is its composition. It is composition that draws the viewer’s eye into the piece. It conveys to the viewer the emotions you experienced when you captured the scene. In this article, I would like to cover two elements, that when, incorporated into an image, create a sense of depth. Depth, in any work of art, crafts an illusion. It creates an illusion that the two dimensional becomes three dimensional.

5 Easy Steps to Fantastic Natural Light Photographic Portraits

Great tips to make your portrait photographs come to life and evoke an emotional response from anybody who views them. Learn to relax your subject, compose within the frame and give the image plenty of pop. Discover how to see the light and flatter your model using simple everyday natural lighting situations. Use your DSLR like a pro with these 5 simple tips.

Take Glare-Less Photos With Your Glasses

Simmering Summer days are for sun, fun and lots of memory-saving photos at the pool, beach, or out with friends. Learn some tips and tricks for taking all-star photos!

Preparing For Your First Glamour Photo Shoot

If you’re just getting started in glamour modelling, there’s a good chance you won’t be sure what to do, or what to bring. Whether you’re looking to pursue a full-time career in modelling, or just doing the occasional bit of work for fun, here are some great Dos and Don’ts to help you get started.

Amazing Photo Images

If you want to go artistic yet you have no inspiration whatsoever, you can always look up photo images of photographers on the internet or in magazines to get a clue on a theme, or object you would want to adopt. Here is a website where you can find very good examples of photo images. Don’t copy them; just get a perspective on what you might like.

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