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The Use of Flash in Your Photos

Once in a while there will be times that after taking pictures, you find it to be offending or somehow badly taken but you simply cannot take it back all because the moment had already pass. So, for you to take wonderful pictures that capture the moment, here are some tips. Know how far your flash can reach.

Get a New Pink Digital Camera

It seems like a lot of things are available in pink these days. Now it’s the turn of cameras. If you are into photography and like the color pink then a new pink digital camera could be just the thing you are looking for.

Create A New Look In Fine Artwork With A Floater Frame

The floater frame is an idea whose time has come in the fine art photography framing world. You start with an image on canvas that has gone through the “gallery wrap” process, take it and them place it inside a floater frame for the final effect. Floater frames for canvas clearly show off all of the top surface of your artwork, which is typically not possible with a traditionally matted and framed image, along with a little bit of the sides of the gallery wrap images visible as well.

Becoming A Professional Photographer

Being a professional photographer takes practice, diligence and time. If you’re looking to make this in to a career, you’re going to need to hone your skills and get ready to practice, practice, and practice! From portraits to stock photography, you’ll become a specialist in your field by studying photos, reading books on photography, taking classes a libraries or local colleges and taking advice from photographers whom you admire. Many photography blogs and websites are readily available online for your reading pleasure. Make sure to keep reading them after you’re set as a professional photographer to keep up with industry standards and keep competition at bay!

How to Choose a Commercial Photographer

Choosing a commercial photographer is more of a task than you may think. Just because someone has shot your best friend’s wedding does not mean they are qualified to take pictures of your precious merchandise for the entire world to see. Not only is commercial photography an investment, but it is also an art.

How to Get in to Sports Photography

Sports photography can be a very tricky field to become involved with, especially with so many photojournalist eager to get the snapshot of that perfect catch, or just the right angle on the winning pass. The competition is at large, so it is extremely important for you to be on you’re a-game at all time, and progressing on a daily basis.

Five Reasons to Choose a Local Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, a day that you will always remember as a special moment in time. In order to savor these special memories, you want a photographer present to capture these special moments in photos. There are many places in Michigan where a wedding ceremony may be held, and that alone has a large impact on who you choose to be your Michigan wedding photographer.

Tips on Chroma Key Photography

This is a technique that is all about involving the process of replacing the background image or subject, digitally, either in a picture or a video. It as well is known as Green screen photography. Photography professionals make use of the technique so as to create striking and unique looking cinematography that has the capability to grab people’s attention.

Three Effective Corrections to Get Terrific Portraits

The teeth, eyes, and neck are areas that will give the best results from photo enhancement. Properly done, it can make the portrait look great. I am going to show you what can be done to improve them. By repairing these key topics, you can make most images look great.

It’s Time to Learn Boudoir Art

Most of us have been captured by the beauty that boudoir art bestows. It is unimaginable how women who are almost naked are presented in a way that is artful, beautiful, and elegant. This is the reason why more and more people are getting hooked on this art form.

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