Photographing Boxing with the Nikon D6

Photography Classes in San Francisco and Seattle

Do you know anyone who’s getting married soon? Wouldn’t it be cool to be their professional photographer? Do you have any friends with kids? Learn how to make those cartoon-themed photo shoots that parents will cherish for a lifetime. When people ask that happy couple or those proud parents who took their photos, their answer will be you.

Photo Restoration – Working With the RGB Channels

Every so often certain damaged photographs surface that require a few tricks along with the skill to be restored successfully. Such was the case with damaged photographs from Hurricane “Sandy”. A customer from New Jersey sent a box full of still wet 4″x 6″ glossy color prints that sat in a storage shed unattended for more than 6 months until they were discovered.

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Food Photography

What is the difference between an amateur and professionally taken photograph of food? Discover a couple of principles to take your pictures to the next level.

The Trick Photography Method

The photographer needs not to be a master when it comes to editing; all he requires is the technical knowledge and how to apply with along with pure skills. This article will guide you through your task of capturing trick photographs. You need to be patient since you might not be able to obtain perfect results in a go but with loads of practice you will obtain stunning trick photographs.

Be A Better Photographer With The Following Help

Photography is an excellent way to express creativity and lower the amount of stress you are experiencing. Many would love to learn photography and this can be achieved through photography courses online.

Helpful Tips For Getting The Best Family Pictures During Professional Photography Sessions

Though it is a great idea to have annual family portraits taken by professional photographers, some of your family members may not share the same idea. And this may be teenaged sons or daughters and maybe even your temperamental tweener. But don’t fret; there are things you can do to make sure that everyone in the household agrees readily to a family photo shoot and that the whole session goes as smoothly as possible. Below are some helpful tips you can keep in mind.

5 Quick Tips to Dramatically Improve Your Photos in Post Editing

If you want to get the most out of the pictures that you take, you will need to use photo-editing software. There are many photo-editing programs available to download on to your PC, however, for the novice; the plethora of photo editing options can be a bit overwhelming. So, out of all of the features that you will find on even the most basic of photo editing apps, which ones will give the best results?

Enhancing Digital Images So They Really Pop

Thanks to modern day digital cameras, it is easy to take photos, especially if you select “auto mode” and let the camera do all of the focusing. However, taking great photos can be a lot more difficult, but with the help of photo editing software, it is a lot easier to make changes to your photos than ever before.

Using Photo Editing to Improve Photos

Shockingly, when you take photographs you don’t constantly wind up with the ones you were wishing for, regardless of how hard you attempt to take the ideal photo, there is continually something that happens to wreck the picture. Indeed, the best photographs can do with a little bit of altering and advanced photograph altering projects can help you to refine your photos.

Color Editing for Awesome Effects

With so many devices allowing you to take photos, it can be difficult getting the perfect picture. However, with improvements in photo editing techniques, and with more photo editing apps than ever before now available, it is a lot easier to add amazing effects to your photos. In this article, we will look at some of the color changes that you can make when editing your photos, which will totally change their appearance.

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