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A 5 Step Guide to Writing a Photo Critique

This article discusses how to write an effective photo critique. It describes the five important aspects of writing a good photo critique.

A Guide to Hiring the Right Wedding Photographer

The moment the date a wedding is settle both the families start making all the necessary preparations before the time, so that everything is arranged when the time comes. Planning a wedding is both exhilarating and tedious and if not done the right way everything can go wrong on the big day. Women always plan their big day from the time they realize what it means. So in order to have their dream wedding they make it a point to make preparation way in advance so that everything goes smoothly when the day arrives.

My Style of Photography Is Best Described As Creative Reportage With Contemporary Portraiture

My style of wedding photography is best described as creative reportage with contemporary portraiture. There are lots of buzz words around in wedding photography so I’ll explain exactly what that means.

Architecture Photography – How to Shoot Architecture

Just the thought of taking pictures of venues, buildings and functions may not seem very exciting, but in this branch of photography there is a whole bunch or subculture of photographers who specialize in it. There are literary thousands of photographers who specialize in Real Estate photography as well as Venue photography and Urban Decay.

White Frames: Available In This Color As Well

It is interesting to note what role a picture frame plays in everyday life. Be it white frames or any other type, it basically acts as containers that can ideally contain a portrait, a photo or an important document such as certificate of any nature. Such a frame plays a dual role.

Seven Pros of a Helmet Camera

Have you ever wanted to see what you do after you’ve done it? If you don’t know what I’m talking about…

Wooden Picture Frames: For Those With A Liking For Nature

In recent years, wooden picture frames have appeared to be largest variety of photo frames that are literally favoured by its users. Since these frames come in a wide number of varieties and kinds, it adds to the delights of people who make use of them. Of all varieties and makes, it is the softwood and solid wood variety that have emerged as most sought after type.

The Digital Photography Class

Finding the right digital photography class can be an arduous task. There are a variety of options available to photographers of all skill levels. Digital Photography classes are available locally in person and online.

A Way To Save Money And Get The Camera You Want: Another Photography Tip

I am definitely not Mrs. Money bags over here but I have found a way to get the camera and everything else that I have ever wanted by finding a hidden gem. I’ll tell you all about in this article.

Tips For The Photographers In You

Photography is something more and more people are starting to enjoy. Back then, it used to be mostly a profession that earned them an income. Today, it seems that it has become more of a hobby than anything else. Regardless of age, gender or culture, people are loving photography as a source of personal fulfillment rather than a way to bring bread on the table. If you are one of those people who are just discovering this art, you may be very excited to get better at it. However, it is possible that you are having issues, after all, it is not something you perfect overnight. Not to worry, though, as there are two pretty simple basics that you must keep in mind if you want to start on the right footing with photography.

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