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Share Your Photography Skills by Creating a Photography Portfolio Website

The world is filled with talents. Every human being is loaded with innovative ideas and creative knowledge. People express their talents in many ways and through many means. Photography is one such medium wherein people can express their emotions and their thought processes through images. Photography is one such unique talent, which is highly appreciated and very much in demand, in today’s advanced world. Photography, when given a bigger dais, helps to attract more audience. Popularity, fame and recognition automatically comes your way, when your innovation ‘images’ out itself. It helps in demonstrating and visualizing your ideas on a public platform.

Reasons to Choose Online Platform for Creating Portfolio Websites

There are a lot of ways you can publish your portfolio. Either you design it by yourself, or hire a professional web designer to design it for you. Or you can use an online platform to create an online portfolio for Photographers, Artist, Designer & more..

The Various Benefits That One Can Receive From Photography Workshops

It is a guarantee that whenever anyone participates in a workshop, they come out with a bag full of knowledge and skills related to photography. Their skills are either enhanced, or they learn a new aspect of Photography. Bringing life to a photograph isn’t a cakewalk as it requires the eye for detail and the sense of timing where one can actually capture the beauty of the image and let the viewer see the message that the photographer intends to convey.

Are One Dollar Photos The Best?

If you took time to check out books at Noble and Barnes, at the airport or at Walmart or even your teen’s high school textbooks, you will find few generic images. Generic Images mean general, non-specific images that could be used as ad backgrounds, general illustrations and layout fillers. The truth of the matter is that editorial photo editors do not love having Micro-stock generic photos; if they had a job at an ad agency, they would use them.

How To Get Great Results In Your Baby Photoshoot

One of the most challenging tasks for most photographers is taking baby pictures. Although some say that babies are naturally charming, it can be really hard to capture good photos of them. It may take time and a great amount of patience from both the photographer and the parents just to make sure that the results are worth it.

Professional Headshots – How to Bring Out the Best in You?

Do you really need a corporate photographer for professional headshots or you can do that by yourselves? While everyone seems to be a photographer these days with a SLR in their hands, professional photography is entirely something else. And if you are a struggling actor, it is necessary that you make the right decision to increase your scope. Hence, a professional and experienced headshot photographer will be the best choice for you. But how to choose the right one? Read along to know.

Image Manipulation – A Brief Look at The Shadow Making Technique

Adobe Photoshop CS6 software provides a wide variety of functions and tools. When used properly these can be used to create the most amazing images and effects. Nowadays the extent of image manipulation capabilities has moved far beyond the time of simply removing people or adding people to images, its possibilities are now somewhat limitless.

10 Common Photography Mistakes

This is a collection of the most common mistakes that photographers make and how to avoid them. Read on to learn how you can enhance your photography skills.

Photo Retouching Services – An Art to Get Back the Novelty of Your Photographs

The purpose of taking pictures is to make that memory last a lifetime. They help us in remembering a particular moment or a time whenever we look at the pictures and make us smile.

Understanding ISO Sensitivity

What does ISO sensitivity adjustments means in photography. How does it work with Aperture and Shutter controls.

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