Panasonic Lumix 25-50mm f/1.7 Zoom Lens | Hands-on Review

Questions To Ask Before Getting That Camera

As digital cameras continue to be upgraded through the days, weeks and months, a lot of people are also easily tempted to change their equipment. But do you really have to?

Photo Tip – Here Is An Indispensable Piece Of Camera Gear For Great Landscape Photography!

Many “fixes” to our landscape photography can be done in Photoshop, but duplicating the results of a polarizing filter is virtually impossible. Never leave home without this valuable piece of camera gear.

The Nikon D5100: An Excellent Choice for the Beginner to DSLR Photography

Shopping for a basic DSLR can be daunting, especially for the beginner. To make things easier for you, we give a short introduction to digital single reflex cameras. We recommend the Nikon D5100 for its excellent performance and affordable price; however, some aspects in this article apply to any brand of DSLR.

How To Create Better Landscape Photography

Keeping the camera level is a vital part of getting better landscape photography. Here is why, and how to fix it.

A Short History Of Photography

The word ‘photography’ stems from the Greek terms photos and graphing, which mean light and to draw respectively, and it was first coined by Sir John F.W Hershel back in 1839. The reasoning behind his using this specific phrase comes from the fact that this process intended to use light in order to imprint images onto a material that was sensitive enough to record it.

Photo Tip – Are You Into Concert Photography? Here’s How To Get Free Tickets!

If you like to go to concerts and sporting events, here is how you can get free tickets! AND you will be able to practice your sporting event and concert photography.

Photo Tip – Get More Use Out Of Your Tripod, Turn It Into A Monopod!

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we can’t use a photo tripod – even though we need one. Here is how to fix that!

Photo Tip – How To Use A Monopod To Create Better Photography!

Lugging around a tripod can be a real pain – so far too often, we don’t. However, the instability of a monopod makes it even worse! Here’s the RIGHT way to use a monopod to create better photography.

Here Is A Flash Photography Photo Tip That Will Save You Money – And Get You More Shots!

Shooting your flash photography when you are too far from the subject can really hurt you. Here is how!

Photo Tip – How To Create Better Landscape Photography!

If your landscape photography efforts aren’t quite where you want them to be, don’t despair! Today’s photo tip will get you started on the right path!

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