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Locations for Leicestershire Wedding Photography

If you’re planning on getting married in Leicestershire, there are plenty of traditional, spectacular and unique locations to choose for your engagement or wedding photography. Perhaps you’re looking for an interesting backdrop for an engagement photography shoot, or the perfect location for Leicestershire wedding photography. There are country parks, castles, weirs, locks, a space centre, and even a historical railway to choose from. Your Leicester wedding photographer will no doubt also have a few ideas to inspire you, too. If you’re after a location for your wedding photos in addition to your ceremony or reception venue, you may even want to consider a short trip to a separate location in between your vows and your reception meal! Here are just a few suggestions for great places to shoot wedding photography in the Leicestershire area:

Choosing The Right Photography Equipment

As a photographer you will have to have the right equipment to capture excellent shots. Additionally, you must know what works in different lighting and basic lens capabilities. For those just starting in the field, finding the right equipment may be a challenging task. There are thousands of options to choose from and thousands of more accessories and add-ons to create different shots.

Will the Camera Phone Condemn the Professional Photographer to Extinction?

It seems that cheap camera phones are striking at the very heart of photography as a profession, with photographers finding it ever harder to find commissions that pay a decent rate for their expertise. So are they all doomed?

The Magic of Open Shade

There is a myth that you can only get great outdoor images either very early or very late in the day. The “sweet hour” is best just before the sun goes down or comes up. Now those are spectacular times to photograph but you can still great images any time of the day. You just have to find that soft light.

Photos to Canvas – Turn Beautiful Memories Into Lifelong Artwork

When looking to create the perfect look for your home then creating a piece of artwork from a favourite photograph is the best way to go. Not only it will give you a customizable look but it will add warmth to the home and make sure that your memories will always be around for everyone to see. Having photos on canvas is a great way to create a perfect piece of artwork.

Wedding Photography Editing Tips For the Cleanest Results

For some people photography might sound an easy task but you can bet this is one of the hardest things to do on earth. Wedding photography means a lot of responsibility (read that twice) because you can’t bring the time back once it is gone. In addition to that, things are always harder when you have expectations associated to you by hundreds of people. Now that the photographs are of such a sensitive occasion, you know you have to be extremely diligent with your job. Here are some wedding photography editing tips for beginners because you know the job is not over after you have taken all the photographs: it has just begun.

Why Choose Cape Town for Your Stills Production?

If you are planning an editorial, advertising or catalogue stills production, Cape Town is a versatile destination. Read on to find out why so many top photographers love to shoot there.

Using Canvas Prints To Make Memories Come Alive

By turning your favorite photographs that hold unforgettable memories onto canvas can help to ensure that these memories can be kept around forever. By going through a professional you can always make sure that your photographs will be turned into beautiful pieces of artwork that you can have fully customized.

Best Books to Learn Photography

I have been a photographer for many years and in that time I have read an inordinate amount of books about the subject. Some of those books have been about the specific cameras that I own. Other books have been about the technical aspects of photography, and there have been books I have read that were about a particular type of photography. Here is my selection of what I consider to be the best books to learn about photography.

In the Studio – Modeling Positioning Tips

This article provides some useful tips on how to position models so that it enhances the way they look and improves the shot, while portraying emotions or attitudes. It also looks at studio comfort and how to relax the model before shooting.

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