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Still Life Photography Tips And Techniques, Part 5 – The Still Life Photography Setup

The way you set up and position your objects can make or break your set. Here’s is what to consider…

Three Photographic Acronyms Are Explained (Part 1 of 2)

Thinking about buying a new camera? Then you may need some help to understand the various acronyms that you’ll come across. This article explains three of the most common so that you can buy the best camera for you.

Fix Reddish Slide Scans: If Your Slide Scans Are Turning Out Red, Then Try This

If you learn and use the tips I’m about to show you, you’ll know how to fix scans that are turning out red. And you don’t understand why your scanner is turning your slides red, then you’ll be wasting your time getting low quality scans.

Photography – Preserving the History of Tomorrow, Today

Taking pictures allows someone to document the world as they see it, to focus on the aspects, details and characters that convey a message otherwise only captured through individual perspective. To one person a bridge appears as a mode of transportation, as a way from point A to point B, while another perspective sees the geometry in its construction as a physical testimony to its purpose. The geometry of the bridge itself is moving forward, as were the people that built it, as are the people that move across it now. So as one person photographs a straight ahead view of traffic and people, another captures the rising frame and interlocking pathways that carry them.

Still Life Photography Tips And Techniques, Part 6 – The Still Life Photography Lighting Setup

The lighting setup in still life photography is vital. Plus, it’s a good way to learn how to light photos!

How to Take Amazing Flower Photos – A Tutorial in Macro Photography

Flowers are one of my favorite photography subject. They can’t complain if the photo doesn’t come out right. Flowers also look very different when shot from different angles and zoom levels.

What Do Photography Acronyms Mean? (Part 2 of 2)

Understanding the meanings of the acronyms used in photography will make a difference to the quality of your shots. Read this article which explains RAW, EXIF and the differences between CMOS and CCD.

Photoshop: An Inexpensive Method to Produce Unlimited, Stunning Photo Backgrounds

Every experienced photographer will tell you that creating a good portrait requires using an attractive background. For many years, professional studio photographers have used expensive muslin backdrops. The expense alone limited creativity, because unless the photographer was extremely active and successful, investment in a substantial amount of back ground choices may not be financially feasible.

Firsts in Photography

First permanent photograph – “View from the Window at Le Gras” This French inventor is credited with having taken the first EVER permanent photograph, in 1826. His earliest surviving photograph (possibly even his first) called…

How to Create Your Own Cylindrical Panorama Scene

Today we’re going to run you through how you can create you’re very own basic panoramic photo using the Philopod Pitch Variation method (without a tripod). Good Luck.

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