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How to View Slideshow in MAC

Most of the MAC users are not aware of some of the marvelous features of the operating system. Some of the users who are unable to access the slideshow of their pictures will find this article quite helpful. There are different ways to see your pictures as a slideshow using MAC.

New Born Photography – An Art in Itself

“Take lots of pictures of your little angel before he is all grown-up. Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, hurry up and don’t lose the moment!”

Slow Shutter Speed Photography

Slowing down the shutter speed is really old school photography but it produced a lot of images that looked pretty darn neat. But with digital cameras today slowing down the shutter speed can create some mighty fine photographic art.

Landscape Photo Tip – Add Photography Diagonal Lines!

Photography diagonal lines are one of the biggest compositional tools. They add a lot of strength and power to your photography!

How To Capture The Best Vacation Images

It’s summer time once again and what better way to enjoy the season than to take lots of photos of your activities and the beautiful scenery around you or in the place you visit. As families and friends go on vacation at this time of the year, bringing your digital camera is a must. Otherwise, you won’t be able to capture memories that you can look back on in the future.

Photography Depth Of Field Definition And Using The Photography Depth Of Field Aperture

Depth of field is one of those areas that can be confusing. But, it’s a vital step to being an effective photographer! Here’s what you need to know…

Landscape Photography Photo Composition Ideas – Framing

Compositional techniques are among the easiest way to improve your photography. Here is a big one as far as photo composition ideas are concerned…

Capture Your Life’s Greatest Moments With These Useful Photography Tips

Most of us are just average with a camera in our hands. But if we want to be able to cherish the snaps we take of those important moments in our lives, we need to follow the tips in this article.

Does It Make A Difference To Choose A Female Photographer?

Whatever kind of photoshoot you are having (from wedding photography to boudoir photography), it is crucial that you get on with your photographer. You will not only be spending an hour or more in their company, you are also trusting them to work hard to show your best side and to capture the mood that you are hoping for. So does it make a difference whether your photographer is male or female?

Making the Decision – Which to Buy – DSLR or Compact Digital Camera?

So you’re up for a new camera and you can’t decide whether to buy a DSLR or a ‘point and shoot’ compact camera. Please read on and maybe you will be able to make a well informed decision about what’s right for your needs.

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