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Diana Camera – Film Lives Again!

For the film user there still is a whole inventory of cameras to choose from. Many many film camera are still available and in perfect working order. Nikon, Pentax, Canon, Miranda, etc are still being used to create photographic film classics.

How to Choose the Right Camera Case

Cameras and camera equipment can cost a lot of money, and it makes sense to ensure you have the right camera case to store and protect this valuable photographic equipment. Choosing a suitable camera case will depend on a number of factors, so here are a few handy tips to help you decide.

How to Find Your Own Voice in Photography

Photography is not only technical but also art. This article lists some methods to find your own voice in photography.

Amateur Photographers Versus Professional Wedding Photography

The era of point-and-click cameras has made photographing weddings a little trickier. Especially when it comes to capturing candid photos of guests, who inevitably are hidden behind their own cameras, or flicking through the pictures they’ve just taken. Everyone is trying to get the ‘classic’ shots throughout the wedding: the bride coming down the aisle, the happy couple at the altar, the first kiss, the exit from the ceremony, first dance, cutting the cake, toasts, and so on. A poor wedding photographer often doesn’t know where they stand any more!

How The Digital Camera Has Changed People’s Lives

There’s no denying that the digital camera has made changes in the lives of photo-loving people. Some 2.5 billion consumers around the world, young and old, now own this device which they can easily carry wherever they go.

5 Tips for Setting an Attractive Price for Your Photography

If you could have it your way, you’d most definitely set your photography prices as high as possible. But in the real world, doing this often results to poor sales, or worse, the eventual failure of your business. A high price is often seen as luxury, and it always comes with high expectations. A low price, on the other hand, gives an image that your services are not up to par with the industry’s standards. Read these tips to learn how to set an attractive price for your photography.

Tricks for Bird Photography and Video Producing

Several tricks for bird photography and video producing. It is a work that need patience more that technology. This article is several tricks that can make your work more easy.

What is Depth of Field in Basic Photography?

Learn how great images are taken by beginners and pro photographers. Learn the basics and elements in photography.

Why Should You Look For A Wedding Photography Guide?

Of course, there are people who learn things faster and more skillfully than others but it doesn’t mean they do not need the training and guidance with their profession and skill. Even the best in the world had their inspirations from different people. So if you are thinking of becoming a wedding photographer, make sure to get the right wedding photography guide. The best thing about today’s time is that you can find anything on the internet. You don’t even have to go to a book shop to find the guide. You can also find some free tips on the internet about different topics related to photography.

Wedding Photography Etiquette Of a Professional Photographer

Everything done in the world has some etiquettes and ethics. A person who is professional is considered professional not only because of the expertise in his work but also for his etiquettes. If you are a new photographer or becoming one, you should know the wedding photography etiquette so your success as a photographer is unhindered. There is no rocket science involved in being well-mannered during wedding photography however these small things must be in knowledge of a photographer so his personality and behavior during photography is a self-marketing campaign

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