OPTIC 2020 – Day 02: B&H’s Outdoor, Wildlife & Travel Photo/Video Conference

35mm Film Camera Light Metering Systems

One critical facet of the development of film photography was the provision of a means by which correct exposure could be achieved. The starting point was a simple – wait for a sunny day – instruction, but technological advancements led to different methods of measuring the intensity and quality of light. This article is both a brief history of light meters, and synopsis of the main on-board light metering systems adopted by later-day camera manufacturers.

Delectable Food Photography Tips for Mouth-Watering Images

Today, food photography has reached delicious new heights. It becomes eye catchy with creative angles, romantic lighting and the interesting ways adopted to highlight textures, colors and shapes.

Boudoir Photography Lighting

Boudoir photography can be amazing once you have the perfect pose, the proper outfit and the best studio lighting. Having said that, you could have the best photographic equipment in the world and you would still not end up with a good quality photograph if lighting is not considered. Boudoir photography, like any other genre of photography needs excellently planned lighting.

Say Cheese!

Photography is a skill that requires more than just acumen. Go through this compilation to get a glimpse about that.

Become a Photographer, Capture the Beauty of the World

What is photography? Photography is an art of observation.

A Guide to 35mm (Camera) Films

If you are starting to experiment with film photography, this article is for you. You may have spent some time choosing a particular camera, and getting to know how to operate it. To get the best out of your camera, you also need to understand the different types of film available. Loading the right film can be as important a decision as selecting a camera to use it in.

Old School Flash Photography – Part 2

In my article “Old School Flash Photography”, I wrote about how to use a simple flashgun (one that does nothing more than produce a bright flash of light), on and off camera. I talked about how to calculate the correct exposure for direct flash, bounced light, and using diffusers. This second article focuses on the further applications of “old school” flashguns: outdoor flash, fill-in flash, “painting with light”, and using more than one flashgun.

Important Camera Accessories You Should Invest In

When it comes to great shopping experience, most people already know where to go to. It’s the trade hub in the area where you can expect to find and buy almost anything a person could possibly look for. So many things are available tax-free, thus not only is the selection to choose from very extensive and comprehensive, but it is also much cheaper than that available in other shopping areas.

Show the Best Side of Sunglasses on Your Websites – Tips to Refine Images

Product images play an important role in e-commerce websites. They help the customer understand the product features and attributes. Images also help attract more customers to the website, increasing traffic and revenue.

Innovations in 35mm SLR Camera Design: 1960 to 1980

The first true 35mm Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera was produced in 1936, in Germany. In the 1950s, SLR cameras became increasingly popular, and their levels of sophistication grew, until all the bells and whistles of the “modern” camera were incorporated into a more-or-less standardised design. This is the year-by-year story of the highlights of design innovation between 1960, and 1980.

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