Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV and M. Zuiko 100-400mm f/5-6.3 Lens | Hands-on Review

About Producing Wonderful Canvas Prints

An innovative method for enhancing your favorite photographs on canvas is a process of digital printing technology known as “Giclee (zhee-klay). Accurate and convenient online reproductions of paintings, drawings or artwork have achieved popularity with a wide range of consumers, wishing to transpose cherished photo onto canvas. Whether it is for interior decor in a home or as a memento the original attains a real-life quality that can be preserved for many years.

Making Your Wedding Photography Shoot Perfect

Many people feel that creating the best wedding photography is entirely on the professional photographer. While they do have a hand in it, you too, can help to make your wedding pictures perfect. In this article we will be giving you a few tips to make your wedding photography shoot the best.

Wedding Photography Changes From Yesterday to Today

Wedding photography has been common for years, and probably one of the first reasons to invent picture taking. While some aspects of this type of photography have always been constant, what have not stayed the same have been wedding photography methods and styles.

Finding The Right Bridal Photographer: Does It Matter?

When making your overall wedding budget, you may be wondering what to leave in, and what to take out. One thing that you should for sure spring for, when it comes to your budget is the right bridal photographer.

Digital Photography Vs Print Photography – Which Is Better?

Often, it is heard that digital photography is better over print photography. Digital photography i.e. the advancement in photography is believed to be a far different concept than print photography. Nevertheless, the former has turned out to be a wonderful complement to the latter. It is akin to evolution of music cassettes into digital media players. While the traditional photography has its own features and benefits, the digital one comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

How Photography Has Evolved From a Hobby Into a Profession

No matter which part of the world people reside in, photography has always been a favourite hobby of most individuals. What matters now most is that this hobby has culminated into being a great profession and many people are earning their livelihood by pursuing it. Clicking a stunningly amazing picture is an alternate ball game in itself. It requires incomparable abilities and information to deliver a heavenly caught picture.

Optimizing Photography Tours And Workshops

For any general sightseeing trip a balance needs to be struck between organized visits and free time allowing participants to explore for themselves. On photography tours and workshops the balance shifts heavily in favour of the planned activities. It is essential that arrangements revolve around the photography.

Who Else Prefers Studios Over Selfies?

With the plethora of Smart Phones flooding the market, all with better and better camera facilities, most people think the days of the Studio photographer, along with decent SLR cameras that give a satisfying ‘ker-lick’ when capturing a photo, are so ‘un-cool’. This articles challenges all that, as it describes an emotional meeting with a great camera in the hands of a real photographer.

Awesome Newborn Photography Ideas

1. Baskets and boxes – Babies love having fun. They love play. Two things both of us would agree on is that babies love playing with baskets and boxes. Its soo cute when a baby is playing with the baskets and boxes, my advice to you CAPTURE those moments

Preserve Your Old Photos With Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is nothing but preserving old memories and passing on the sweet memories to the next generation. Photos are taken to capture a moment of a lifetime.

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