Nikon Z 9 ASMR #Shorts

The Latest Sony Digital Camera Thinks It’s an SLR

We have been living with and expecting a lot out of our digital cameras for more than two decades now. And honestly, it’s only over the past year that we’ve finally begun to get what we’ve always really wanted — mind blowing pictures of the kind you would associate with a big black heavy SLR, in a package that would slip into your shirt pocket without too much trouble. The latest Sony digital camera certainly takes a bold step in this direction.

Personalised Canvas Prints

Give your photos a twist with canvas prints that will add an extra bit of sparkle to your already fabulous images. Customise them to your heart’s content and even add your own personal message for a truly unique present.

Three Simple Changes to Shoot Like A Professional Photographer

In my job I review about 10,000 photos a year. Unfortunately a lot of them miss the mark when it comes to commercial prospects. The frustrating thing is, more often than not, there was real sales potential in the photo op, but the photographer made one of the following three basic mistakes. The good news is, they are all easily corrected…

Creating Visual Special Effects in Digital Photography Can Be Rewarding

Although most all photographs are concerned with creating realistic images that copy everything as an accurate representation of a subject. In view of the fact that we are so familiar with these types of photos, when a photographer or graphic designer uses a special effect, the results are far more eye-catching and impressive. Some effects take time and a great deal of technical knowledge to achieve, however there is much that can be achieved with little or no real technical expertise, but as you manipulate photographs to create the effects you want, you will learn and become more confident to try new things.

Useful Tips on Digital SLR Photography for Beginners

A lot of youngsters are charmed by digital single-lens reflex cameras for their quality of still photographs. However, without proper guidance on digital SLR photography for beginners, you can find yourselves in a soup.

Beautiful Landscape Pictures – Discover How To Get Great Results Every Time

Taking beautiful pictures every time can be challenging. Taking beautiful landscape pictures consistently can be near impossible. Until now! Read on and learn the tricks the professional photographer uses for outstanding results on a regular basis.

Creative Ideas for Professional Photography

Everyone wants to cherish the memories all their life and one of the most common methods used to retain the memories is photography. It is true that technology has given us a lot and we can easily print our photos at home.

Painting With My Camera – Intentional Camera Movement

Photographs created by intentional camera movement are not what most people think of as traditional photographs because motion is captured and created in the image via the technique. I describe the technique as “painting with my camera” because my images are painterly and impressionistic. Fine art photographs printed on high quality papers by large printers are the way to contemporary artwork on your walls.

Canvas Prints: Because Your Photos Deserve More!

We go on holiday. We take our photos. We put them on Facebook. This has become the routine for many young people, whose first action upon returning from their trip is to post their pictures on the Internet.

The Perfect Picture of Nature

Pictures of nature are currently very researched on the internet, so if you’re into nature and photography, you can get popular and get some money out of it. So supposing you already have a camera and tools, you go on the expedition wherever you want: forests, mountains, beaches, deserts etc… You need to know some things about photographing nature.

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