Night Photography: How We Got the Shots with National Parks at Night | OPTIC 2021

Five Photography Tips to Get People to Connect With Your Photos

Good photography evokes an emotional response from viewers. You need to grab a person by their heartstrings and make them feel something. Here are five ways to evoke an emotion.

Photo Lighting – Five Things You Need to Know

Understanding what light is and how it behaves is central to photography. We’ll dispense with the myths and show how you can use light to evoke an emotional response in your photos.

Choose Your Online Photography School Wisely As a Function of Your Level

Online schools are becoming extremely popular today, because they are offering more flexibility and convenience. You can take online courses anywhere and anytime, even in the comforts of your home.

3 Photo Tips For Photographing Fireworks and Lightning!

Photographing fireworks and lightning is something we all have to do! It’s almost a right of passage in our photo education. here are 3 valuable tips to ensure you get the best possible shots!

Learning the Basics of Photography

Trust me there won’t be a test at the end of this article but there are some basics of photography and terms that you should know if you are going to be serious about this subject. We will go through a few basics of photography concepts and technical terms below.

Photography: What Are You Trying To Say Here?

Photography is about communication. What are you trying to say? Figure out what you want to say.

Avoid Camera Memory Stick Disasters!

Here are three tips that can – and WILL – save you from a disaster with your cameras’ memory stick! Why risk losing it all, when disaster is so easy to avoid?

Photo Equipment Disasters!

Photographers frequently buy new equipment just before shooting an important occasion. This can be a mistake! Here is a photo equipment disaster that you may find interesting…

Newborn Photography Tips for Beginners

The birth of a child is one of the most beautiful amazing events you will witness in this life. A newborn child is the most precious object you will possess. Parents, especially first time parents, are so astonished with their new perfectly formed infant that they want to be able to remember the time forever. Taking pictures of your babe is the best way to record this cherished time.

Top Reasons For Choosing Online Photo Printing

Looking back, photos are developed in labs wherein chemicals are used in darkrooms. The specialized paper is dipped in basins of varying chemical compounds to produce the images you took and stored onto the film. Even if this old-school process exists today, many are still requiring the advantages of online photo printing.

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