NEW Wide-Angle Sony APS-C Lenses: 10-20mm f/4 PZ, 15mm f/1.4 & 11mm f/1.8

New Year’s Photography Resolutions

It is still time to include some photography resolutions in your New Year’s long list. The options are endless, just commit the time and the passion that you have and you will become a great photographer. Shoot RAW – You want to start shooting for real then switch your picture quality setting to RAW.

Tips for Choosing The Best Nikon Camera

Are you looking to buy a Nikon camera this year? Buying a camera is an expensive affair and there are many important things that need to be considered before making a purchase. It is important that you spend a small amount of money in a good camera rather than shelling out large sums of money on the new models of the Nikon cameras which are available today. Some of the essential tips that can help you make the right choice are given below.

Learn Digital Photography Techniques

Do you want to learn digital photography techniques that carry professional photographers to where they are today? Well, hope that some of these points would help you out in doing so. Butterflies. Flowers. Over use of Bokeh. These are all mediocre subjects that almost all aspiring photographers have used. To make sure that you do not fall for this trap, make sure that your subject conveys a message, simple and everyday happenings would make a great subject. If you cannot locate a story, you could always capture unique things like crazy formations, astounding cloud formations, wide spaced beach with lots people on slow shutter, and the like.

Photography for Beginners

Are you a relatively new comer in the field of digital photography? If you are, well, you should know this: It is hell of a ride! You will need a course on Photography for Beginners. Almost every person now is becoming an enthusiast with this new comer. If you ask why, well, the answer would be obvious: Eliminated use of negatives, no more money funding for dark room construction, no more bitrates and those chemicals, and no more messed up film jack. The new generation need Photography for Beginners, therefore, says hi to digital photography.

Online Digital Photography Course

Do like to learn more about digital photography but you do not have the time to do so because of busy work, family, doing a lot of chores, a full time student, and the like? Well, you have to enroll to an online digital photography course. There are tons of online digital photography course around the web. However, some may not be as competent as the other. The reason? Some people only create online digital photography course for the sole purpose of profit, well, that is highly discouraging because it is already implied that are after your money, and not your learning. Here are some things you could take note of in considering which online digital photography course to take. Make sure that it teaches digital photography, not film photography

Digital Photography Tutorials, Are a Relatively New Art

Digital Photography, now surfacing and abandoning the older art of film photography, is slowly capturing the hearts of most enthusiasts of photography in general. The more user friendly type of controls and easier accessibility made it even more popular. In film photography, where the focus is more on the negatives and developing the same, was more tuned to older enthusiasts. More, the necessity for a darkroom to develop images made this art accessible to rich people. However, say goodbye to those days where the need for darkroom is necessary and throw those negatives. Digital Photography Tutorials, are a relatively new art, is easy to learn. Just take note of this tutorial, and you would be more than prepared to take on the challenge and shoot your way to happiness!

Digital Photography School

Do you love photography but you feel as if you have been left behind because of this new fad called digital photography? Which had replaced your film camera? Or you are just a new in this field? There are numerous digital photography schools in the country. But in choosing one, make sure that you choose wisely. Remember that it involves your time, money, and prospective learning. So take time in choosing a photography school. Here are some of the points you should take note of in choosing a school.

Digital Photography Magazine

Tired of your old film camera and craving for something new? Well, you should try out digital photography. Digital photography is a relatively new genre of photography, gradually overshadowing its older version, film photography, into obscurity. There are marked advantages digital cameras have over film cameras. Well, an lcd monitor is one, post processing adds up to image quality in a drastic way, there’s the extensive resolution, and a whole lot more!

How to Buy Good Picture Quality Cameras At Low Rates

You can now buy good picture quality cameras at low rates. there is an amazing offer going on at amazon, you can now buy good picture quality cameras below $100. These cameras are useful for both video and still photography.

4 Underwater Photography Tips For Beginners – Capture The Beautiful Underwater World!

Do you have an interest in Underwater Photography? Here are 4 Underwater Photography Tips that underwater photographers should bear in mind, especially for beginners.

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