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Understanding Basic Light Properties

The way light acts upon a subject will depend on the physical properties each light source presents. Before taking on the challenge of creative photographic lighting it will be worth your while to understand some of these properties.

A Shopper’s Guide to Underwater Digital Cameras

In the world of photography, digital cameras have revolutionized the way we take pictures. Digital cameras have overtaken film cameras in both production and performance. This poses an interesting situation for scuba divers, snorkelers or anyone that does a lot of activity in the water.

Camera for Snorkeling

Many people who get the opportunity to go snorkeling are using underwater cameras to capture the moment. Having a good camera for snorkeling is important if you want the photos to come out looking decent. It is hard to tell a fish from a rock if you are using low quality equipment.

What Memory Cards Do 3D Camera Use?

There are many memory cards out there, which of them is suitable for the needs of the 3D cameras that show on the markets these days. The memory cards come in a wide range of storage sizes, and transferring speeds. Unlike regular digital cameras, the 3D cameras use higher levels of processing and speed to capture full HD 1080p with the 3D camcorders.

Tips For Children’s Photographers

If you are thinking of working in children’s photographers you may want to take on board some of these tips. Children are human beings and as such should be expected to be unpredictable. The best behaved child, can and will have temper tantrums at some point and this may occur on the day the photographs were to be taken.

Working With Children’s Photographers

You would think it would be easy to find good children’s photographers. There are so many different firms advertising their services so it is not like there isn’t enough choice. But yet as many parents will tell you, often the results you get are not worth the money you have paid.

Getting The Best Results From Children’s Photographers

When you pay children’s photographers to capture images of your kids, you want the best results possible. But even the experts can do with a little help so there are a couple of things you can do as a parent.

Children’s Photographers Need Patience And Skill

Children’s photographers earn every penny of their fee as working with kids takes a lot of skill, patience and sometimes a sense of humour. Do you have what it takes?

How To Chose A Great Photo Booth Company

There are a lot of photo booth companies out there, many are good but only a few are great. This is a quick guide to finding the great ones.

Frequently Asked Questions For Photo Booths

The word is getting out and everyone wants a photo booth at their event. A lot of people have questions as to how they work so here is a quick FAQ guide.

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