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How to Relax a Client During a Photoshoot

Here are some helpful tips for photographers looking for some ideas to create a positive atmosphere during a shoot. It will provide some insight that will help create more candid moments and natural looking images for the final product.

Tips on Taking Good Pictures on Those Special Occasions

We always want to capture those special occasions in pictures and keep them “alive” to re-live at a later date. So many times we are a little disappointed in our shots. Here are a few tips on what to do to get those “wow” pictures on special occasions.

How to Take Great Pictures

Photographs showcase our most precious memories to keep and share with loved ones. So how do I take great photographs? Finding an answer to this popular question reveals the immense interest of people who are into photography.

Finding The Right Canon Rebel Lens – 3 Ways A Canon 50mm Lens Can Improve Your Portraits

How much are you willing to give to improve your photography? The good news is that you don’t have to “give” much at all to get better portraits. All you need is a Canon 50mm lens. Find out why.

Professional Photography Tips For Newbies

As a beginner in photography, learning professional photography tips will greatly help speed up the learning process. You’ll effectively learn how to avoid the common errors and mistakes beginners make while learning techniques that take the average photo taker years to get at. There are two aspects to professional photography tips that will be covered here.

Digital Photography 101 for Beginners

Unlike film, digital photography provides a wide variety of endless possibilities. This article will serve as a digital photography 101 course introducing you to the basics as well as how to prepare for your improvements in the craft. One of the biggest benefits of digital photography is the fact that you have no need to carry around film!

How to Learn Photography Now

If you want to know how to learn photography you need to do one thing: immerse yourself into this wonderful art. With proper direction and guidance you’ll have no problem learning photography (as this article will show you). There are a number of directions you can take to begin on how to learn photography.

Digital Camera Guide – How to Use Your Camera

When it comes to photography, knowing how to use your camera is one of the most important aspects of the craft. This digital camera guide will give you the basics of how to use your camera and help you better understand the basic terminology needed.

Camera Care Tips

A digital camera is a sensitive device and as such, it needs to be cleaned and cared for so that it will always be on optimum performance. Proper maintenance will also ensure that it lasts a long time and you avoid expensive repair costs.

Tips About How To Choose The Right Canon Rebel Lens For Portraits

Getting the right Canon Rebel lens for shooting portraits may be easier than you think. This article is about the requirements of a good portrait lens for your Rebel.

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