NEW Nikon Z Macro Lenses: Nikkor Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S & Nikkor Z MC 50mm f/2.8 | Hands-on Review

Photography 101: Back to Basics

It doesn’t mean that if you are not a professional photographer, you cannot take striking photographs. With these basic photography 101 basics, you will be able to learn the basic techniques to capture extraordinary images.

What Is The Best Camera To Buy?

Choosing a camera can be very confusing, and choosing a camera brand even more so. I will advise you on the thought and decision process in deciding on what kind of camera to buy.

What’s New With Digital Camera Lenses?

Lenses are an important part of photography. They help photographers create art in the images they capture. According to a leading camera manufacturer, the lens is the window to creativity that allows photographers to transform a scene into art.

A Brief History of Wedding Photography

Despite colour photography coming into being in the early 20th century, its prohibitive cost tended to mean that for decades afterwards black and white remained the norm. At the same time improved technology and more portable equipment, coupled with lower costs, led to the practice of photographers turning up to weddings uninvited and taking pictures that they would then try to sell on to the participants. It was the arrival of this “competition” which finally persuaded experts within the industry to venture out of their studios and offer on-site services.

Learn Creative Photography – 6 Photography Lessons Learned in 2012

2012 has come and is almost gone and soon we enter 2013 hopefully wiser and more experienced on our digital photography journey. If you haven’t learnt any lessons from 2012 it’s time to sit down and do a quick evaluation. If you still haven’t then take a look at the lessons I’ve learned and maybe you’ll learn something as well.

Wedding Albums – Self Mount Vs Flush Mount Albums

A comparison of two different styles of Wedding Album. Both ideally suited to the different needs of professional photographers.

Unique Engagement Photo Ideas

We all have our love stories. The more we are in love, the more romantic our story will be because it was written in the stars. When it comes to deciding to tie the knot, say “I do” and start a wonderful journey together, make sure you document each moment to last your lifetime together.

Learn Digital Photography – 3 Lenses Essential to a Photographer’s Bag

As a beginner photographer just starting out with your new DSLR or an intermediate photographer looking to buy a new lens there is always the question of which lenses to add to your gear. It’s an expensive decision that could cost you if you if you make the incorrect choice. Here is my list of three essential lenses for any photographer’s kit.

Custom Photography Vs Chain Studios

Some may have questions about the differences between chain studios and custom photographers. The name in itself says a lot. Many are for the small business and appreciate the additional touches a custom photographer can offer. Others like a chain studio experience because there is always someone higher to pick a bone with when something goes wrong.

Just How Much Is Your Old Camera Worth?

Your old camera still has value. It is worth more as a tool than the money you could get for it.

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