NEW High-End Skin Softening Technique in Photoshop

Digital Photography Advantages Over Film Photography

Since the debut of the digital camera over 30+ years ago, technological advancements since then have produced cameras that are a lot smaller, more flexible and powerful, at prices that are more convenient to the general public. For instance, as time and technology progresses, the image sensors on digital cameras are being equipped to detect more and more mega pixels which only mean sharper detail in photographs.

How to Take Quality Wedding Photos

Want to know how to take great wedding photographs? Here’s how.

Five Tips to Taking Great Senior Photos

Is graduation time looming? If so, then you should be getting prepared to take the best pictures of your senior’s life or hiring someone else to do it. Here’s how:

What Is HDR Photography

High Dynamic Range photography is something has been looming on the digital photography seen for a little while, and is gaining in popularity. The images are surreal looking, and at the same time sharply detailed and strangely lit. Just try typing HDR Photography into Google and see what I mean.

Learn How To Take Photos Like A Pro

You just bought a new Camera. You tear open the box skim over the manual and install the batteries then you start snapping shots blinding friends, family and pets with the flash. Sounds like fun. Then you view your photos and find they are not what you expected. I know you are thinking you wasted your money on this new fancy device

One of the Best Camera Tripods on a Budget

The Slik Pro 700DX tripod is made for photographers by photographers, well it must be because it has everything you would want a tripod to have and I believe these things only a photographer would know about. Take for example the strength of the frame. All photographers are clumsy and we tend to drop, band and scrape our equipment all of the time.

Where to Learn Digital Photography

In all honesty, with all those fast changing and upgrading camera models, and in demand clients, there are so many ways to learn digital photography. They can be free or paid. But you just have to really invest time for these.

Tone Mapping and HDR Photography

Anyone interested in tonemapping? It is very easy to do if you have the right software…I use Photoshop CS5 for RAW conversions and then Photomatix Pro for the HDR generating and tonemapping. You can generate HDR from one exposed photo but I find it best to secure camera on tripod and take at least three shots using AEB2 if your camera has it, what you are looking for is underexposed shot to get details in the lighter areas, ‘perfect’ exposure for midtones and overexposure for details in the darker areas.

Canon 70-200mm F/4L IS Is a Lightweight, Compact L Series Telephoto Zoom Lens With Image Stabilizer

Plenty of Canon photographers go through a exhaustive selection process in choosing between the Canon 70-200 f4 and Canon 70-200 f2.8 I.S lens. The fact that the Canon 70-200 f4 IS lens would generally be used in good light and also the addition of teleconverters is not likely for it is intended purpose i.e. big aircraft and display formations.

Using Flash Effectively to Take Good Photos

When we take photos, we usually look at them right after we have taken the shot. And once we do, we realize that the moment had just gone to waste because you have taken an awful looking shot at a supposedly great scene and you can never take it back because the moment is not there anymore. This would be the time for you to wish that you could have been good at taking photos.

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