NEW DJI Ronin 4D: Panel Discussion with CineD & B&H

Buying the Right Tripod – DSLR Tripod Recommendations

Tripods come in various sizes with varying degrees of movement. Tripods actually consist of two main pieces–the legs and the head. The average consumer tripod has these two pieces made together, but on higher end tripods each part gets purchased separately.

Wildlife Photography – Thinking Outside the Box

With ever improving auto focus technology and amazing telephoto lenses, the close up pictures of wildlife are quickly becoming a dime a dozen. It’s time to think outside the box.

How To Take Good Pictures No Matter What Camera You Use

Wouldn’t it be great to know how to take good pictures, no matter which camera you use? Your first step is to acquire a basic understanding of some principles that pro photographers use on a regular basis to make simple things look stunning, using just their camera and their creative imagination. Once you understand these elementary principles, you will soon realize that the quality of the pictures you take depend more on you, the photographer, than on the megapixels your camera offers.

How to Choose Wedding Photography Locations in Brisbane

A Professional Photographer should be able to take terrific pictures in any location in any conditions. This was told to me by an Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year. This is a bold statement for any photographer to make and is completely right; I like to add to it ‘within reason’.

Understanding Depth Of Field And Portrait Photography

Depth of field is extremely important when doing portrait photography. This article is about how to control depth of field with your digital SLR and the right portrait lens.

How To Take Good Pictures With Nearly Any Digital Camera

Would you like to learn how to take good pictures with nearly any digital camera? First, you need to learn some elementary techniques that professional photographers use every day. Before I give you those tips, I’ll share a secret with you: the photographer taking the picture has more impact on the quality of the picture than the megapixel rating of the camera does.

Clean Your Photographic Camera Lenses Like a Pro

So you finally have a amazing camera and a good set of lenses to go with it. Now you are able to head out and take some great pictures.

Taking Photographs of Infants and Toddlers

One of the most challenging genres of photography is taking candid and engaging snaps of infants and toddlers. Even professional portraiture photographers find it challenging to shoot a subject that does not pose or heed to any word spoken, well almost! You will find that taking good photographs of the little ones is not just difficult at times it is also an exercise of your patience and endurance.

Canvas And Leather Camera Bags

the best option. Both amateur as well as professional photographers are interested in purchasing different decorative or practical accessories to enhance the usability and aesthetic worth of their cameras. For most people, carrying the equipment from one place to another is a time-consuming task whereas, for some others, protection of the device matters to them the most.

Scanning 35mm Slides to Digital: Do It Yourself Vs Using a Scanning Service

Scanning 35mm slides is not typically at the top of our to-do-list, but it should be. For many of us, those slides lie long-forgotten, gathering dust, fading away and perhaps even getting moldy. The environment they are in can be very detrimental; humidity, heat and light will eventually take their toll. By scanning 35mm slides, negatives and prints, you can give them new life, preserve them forever and share your old family photos with a new generation.

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