My TWO-STEP PROCESS For Better Cut Outs! – Photoshop Select and Mask Crash Course

What to Think About When Buying Camera Bags

A camera is a huge investment. Cameras today have abilities that we couldn’t have even dreamt about even 20 years ago. Because of their capabilities, you will find that you really have to invest quite a bit of your hard earned money into your camera.

Add Effects To Photos And Spice To Life

If you want to add effects to photos, there are several photo editing applications on the Internet, but the trick is selecting the right effect for the right photo. If you can get the photo-effect combination right, then there’s no stopping you from creating amazing digital photos from your original ones. Editing photos is not only about the computer skills and the knowhow. It is actually about a high level of creativity that a user must possess in order to appropriately add effects to photos and create a stunning result.

Aspects of Color Theory

This article briefly discusses aspects of lightness, saturation and color and problems in working with them in digital image manipulation and painting. Similarly terms as tone, tint and shade are defined.

Tips to Locate a Highly Skilled Wedding Photographer Online

Photography is all about skills, understanding and attentiveness. Capturing the right moment at right time is what makes a professional photographer different from a shutterbug.

Renting a Photo Booth As Entertainment for a Special Event

Photo booth rental is the latest wave in entertainment for weddings, parties such as holiday, anniversary, birthday, or engagement, corporate events, and more. Using a photo booth at these types of events can create lasting memories in the form of serious or candid shots of your guests. Photo booths were first used in fairs and carnivals and now they are used in a variety of settings and places.

Starting Your Own Photo Booth Rental Business

Although photo booths have been seen in fairs having them at your special event is a relatively new venue. People are now renting photo booths for several hundred dollars for just a few hours to help commemorate their wedding, birthday, anniversary, holiday party, and even corporate events.

Comparing Photo Management Programs

Photo management programs are incredibly important tools for photographers who want to stay ahead of the game. Digital media is a hard industry to succeed in, and you need everything at your disposal to hold your own against the competition. Asset management software and photo library programs can give a company a huge advantage, allowing them to better organise themselves, improve efficiency and, most importantly, offering them the backup functionality that they need to protect themselves against loss caused by electricity, computer and hard drive failure.

Headshot Advice for Actors

Have you ever heard the phrase – “Pennywise and Pound Foolish”? Weekly I receive phone calls from actors looking for dirt cheap headshots.

Flower Photography – 4 Quick Tips for Great Tulip Photos

Armed with 4 simple, yet very effective strategies that I will share here, you can venture out to capture Tulips, or any flowers, in a captivating and impressive manner. These 4 quick tips can be applied to any type of floral photography, of course and by keeping these in mind and by applying them, you will find yourself producing fewer average images and many more of the “keepers.

The Power of Cropping

For some reason, a lot of digital photographers are resistant to crop any part of their images, and yet there is much to be gained from doing so. Are they afraid that their prints won’t fit into the standard frames sold at the local art supply house? Perhaps, but if they knew how much more powerful their images could be they would soon abandon that notion and crop like a pro. What’s more, as they learned the lessons of cropping they would soon learn to do more of it in the camera so less needed to be done at the print stage.

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