Master Curves in Photoshop! A Beginners Guide | PTH #9

Photography – Bigger Isn’t Always Better!

Photography was meant to be about taking photographs. Pure and simple. It was never meant to be about having a bigger, flashier, more expensive piece of kit because you thought it would make you a ‘better’ or a ‘professional’ photographer. Yet many people still fall prey to the hype and sales pitch. Don’t fall for it!

Learning to See Like A Photographer

If you’ve ever wondered why some photographers seem to get ‘better’ photographs than you, it’s because of a dead simple technique they have mastered – seeing! The art of ‘seeing is not difficult to master but it does take a little bit of thought. This article gives you an insight on how photographers ‘see’ the world around them and, if you apply it, you too will produce a higher standard of photograph.

When to Take Photos of a Newborn Baby and How to Schedule the Photo Shoot

When to schedule a Newborn Photography session? How do you schedule the session on your calendar when you don’t know exactly when the baby is coming? What age should the baby be when you take the photographs?

Getting Your Photography Portfolio Into Gallery Exhibits

Different kinds of photography are displayed into different categories when you put them into gallery exhibits. This article talks about getting your photography into galleries and the different photography sections that many of them have and what they mean.

How to Photograph Your Own Senior Pictures

Do you want to take your senior pictures yourself? If you don’t have the money or don’t want to hire a professional photographer to take your senior pictures, here are some tips and techniques that will allow you to take some good senior pictures yourself and with the help of a friend or family member.

Photography and Photoshop Workflow for Beginners

I am going to talk a little bit about the workflow that works for me as a professional photographer when it comes to file management and workflow of getting photos in and out of Photoshop, etc. I take all of my photos in “Raw” format so that I have the ability to correct any mistakes I made while taking the actual photos without damaging the quality of the photos as much. Even though I am an expert photographer, it has saved me more than once when I have slightly overexposed some photos or not had enough…

Black and White Wedding Photography

The popularity of shooting a wedding in black and white has risen dramatically in the last few years. Gone are the formal, rather staid portraits, a copy of which every bride and groom ended up with. In are the snappy, gritty, realistic photographs. “Why?” I hear you ask, well carry on reading and I will tell you.

DSLR Camera Maintenance – Switching Camera Lenses

One of the major benefits of having a DSLR camera is the fact that there’s a different lens for every situation. For example, you can use long range lenses to take pictures from afar, pancake lenses for wide angle photography or macro lenses to take pictures of small things at close range. But to accomplish all of that you need to learn about switching camera lenses.

What Are The Best Lenses for Portrait Photography?

In order to be good at portrait photography you need to ensure the pictures you take are sharp, focused and bright. For that you need good lenses, but what are the best lenses for portrait photography?

What Is the Best Lighting for Portrait Photography?

When starting out in Portrait Photography one of the hardest aspects to learn is how the different types of light will affect the mood of the photograph. There are many different types of light and lighting set-ups. This article will be an introduction into lighting for portrait photography. In later articles I will go into each one more in depth.

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