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Essential Event Photography Software

There is no such thing as the definitive piece of event photography software, event photographers use what suits them best and the choice is as individual as the style of their photography, so just what are event photographers using? Express Digital Without a doubt the only PC software to be designed from the ground up to suit the work of Event Photographers is Express Digital that comes in a number of versions, 2 of which are the Core and Pro versions. Core is a standalone version that allows the use of Chroma-Key (Green Screen), templates for Logo overlays…

Getting Flash – Achieving That Ring Flash Look on a Budget

What’s a ring flash? How can you get the look on budget?

A Canon Powershot G11 Review – The Best Everyday Camera

If you are looking for to find a Canon Powershot G11 Review, check out this article for more information on everything you need to know about this top-selling camera from the Canon lineup. This Canon camera has the horsepower for great shots whether you are a pro, or using to capture everyday memories.

How to Capture Water in Action

When you use a flash, the burst of light lasts for a tiny fraction of a second. This demonstrates and allows you to freeze action that would otherwise be impossible to capture. We can capture a world that is invisible to the eye by using a flash.

Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera Review

Nikon mixes the DSLR market with the new entry-D3100 on properly: Although the small “version step” in the name of only marginal changes suggests D3000 D3100 on, they added new features to offer some anyway. For example, a 14 megapixel resolution CMOS image sensor with which the D3100 not only get live view, but entry-level DSLR can record full HD movies first as. For ease of use for beginners Nikon Guide system be further optimized.

The Importance of an Engagement Session

The engagement session is a chance for the photographer to connect with the bride and groom. Any couple getting married should look into an engagement session as a trial run. That way, it will help you confirm your decision on your photographer.

Framing Processes Involved Both In Traditional And Modern Framing

Over the years, the framing technology has evolved to adapt to the changing way of life of the 21st century. With the presence of modern technology, framing techniques have come to involve a considerable use of automatic tools combined with the traditional manner of framing works which is basically influenced by art. However this advancement did not fully replace handmade picture frames which are undeniably preferred because of their aesthetic value.

How to Look Thinner in Photographs: Get the Top 5 Tips to Looking Great on Camera

We’ve all done it before. Worn the baggy t-shirt and posed with a huge smile on our face, only for our image to appear twice our size, with huge thighs and a triple chin! Does that hit a chord? Not to despair because help is at hand! With my top 5 ‘Looking Great in Pictures’ tips below you will never see that image again.

The Role Of Macro Photography In Failure Analysis

Any item built eventually fails. The goal of engineering is not to create items that never break, but rather to create items that last as long as possible, or at least break with some predictability.

What Are Custom Flipbooks?

A flick book or flipbook is a book which contains a series of graphics or pictures that tends to vary gradually from one page to another, with the purpose that when the pages are flipped or turned promptly, the pictures tend to show an animation and counterfeit motion or some other kind of variation. Flipbooks are really often illustrated or custom made for entertaining children, but these may also be channelized towards adults by employing a set of photographs rather than childish drawings and paintings. A flipbook is normally small with a set of printed images which create…

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