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Photography Tips For Amateur Photographers

Photography is an art which seems quite cumbersome for amateur photographers. So, this article provides photography tips for beginners to help them in polishing and improving their photography skills.

My Thoughts on the Canon 5D

So we’re led to believe – and have for a while – that Canon will shortly be releasing the third generation of it’s professional 5D DSLR. Rumours have been around since mid 2010. As always, there’s speculation about its specification, and what it will have to improve on the 5D mkII.

10 Ways to Improve and Promote Your Photography Company

Have a lot of talent in photography but not in advertising? New to the industry and looking to sharpen your skills? Don’t worry, follow these steps to increase your amount of photography clients!

Seven Tips for Taking High Quality Photographs

Photographs capture cherished memories from important times in our lives. Following are seven tips to help you take the best photos possible.

Presenting the Right Message in Commercial Photography

Advertising and business communications rely heavily on commercial photography to present their products or business ventures in the best possible light. From photographs of food to insert on a restaurant’s menu to photographs of new and used cars, advertising relies on the best images to relate their products to the public. As long as there have been advertisements in newspapers, magazines and any other type of printed media commercial photography has been in demand.

Tips for Getting Great Results in Baby Photography

Babies grow so fast that it sometimes seems like it happens overnight. Because of this, getting great photos of babies while they are still small is imperative. Baby photography provides parents with keepsakes that allow them to enjoy their little bundle of joy long after he or she has grown.

Special Lighting Required for Art Photography

It would seem that art photography should be one of the easiest forms to accomplish since the subject usually doesn’t move, but unless the photographer uses appropriate lighting the full beauty of the object could be lost in the shadows. For many, art photography has a variety of meanings and for most it is the vision that is visible to the photographer as they attempt to present their view to others.

The Tokina 50-135 Lens Review – A Good Telephoto Lens Substitute?

The Tokina 50-135mm F 2.8 AT-X 535 PRO DX or simply known as the Tokina 50-135 lens has a high quality build and construction. The casing is all metal and has extraordinary fit and finish. This particular lens is cheaper than its counterparts and has many advantages as well. It features many elements and is a good lens for moderate to large focal range. This particular lens is also lighter and more compact then its competitors in the market.

Photographers For Your Pets

There are so many pet people around the world. It is becoming more and more popular to get photographs of your precious little furry friends. There are so many things that you can do with your photographs of your pets.

Photographers For Bellies, Babies, and Toddlers

Are you looking to capture those special moments that only happen once in a lifetime? Are you looking to capture all the stages of your baby growing from the bud? Hiring a photographer can help you do that in the best way possible.

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