Making Perfect Cut Outs in Photoshop! | Live Episode #1

Camera Tips – Cleaning Your Lenses

Photography is definitely a question of education, experience and talent, but the photographic equipment is also equally important, as photographers need the best tools to express their vision. Many people know that you have to take care and maintain the photo equipment, but not so many know why you have to do it and how to do it correctly.

What Photography Means To Me

Photography is so much more than people think sometimes. It’s, love, hate, sadness, courage, your hopes, your dreams, and most importantly, a way to make an impact.

Wedding Photography Tips – That Apply 100% of the Time

We are wedding photographers that serve central Pennsylvania and beyond. We have compiled a list of tips for how to optimize your wedding photography experience; from the planning stage through the completion of your deliverables (album, prints, etc). We are going to share some of our insight in this article. We would love your feedback and questions if you have any.

Guide to Nikon Digital SLR and Compact Cameras

Here’s a simplified guide to Nikon digital SLR and Compact Cameras. When it comes to quality photography, photographers want a wide range of products and accessories so that they can choose something that suits their skills, and if required upgrade to something better, preferably from the same manufacturer so that the learning curve is easier. About the Brand Nikon is definitely a trusted brand in the eyes of most photographers.


Those of you who are not very familiar with photography terms might not have heard about this, but most of you surely have seen this type of photograph, without even noticing it. Apparently, there is an intense debate in the photographic community about this special and somewhat new domain. So, what is HDR photography and why should you know about this?

Got a Great New Camera? Now Let’s Get Some Great New Photos

Picturing yourself getting great photographs with your brand new camera was probably the mental image you had when you got you new camera to begin with. Somewhere along the way the photos didn’t look as good as you hoped and you kind of gave up or put your camera aside for the time being. Maybe the pictures were too dark or they just lacked the pizazz you expected. Please don’t give up just yet, go get your camera right now and let me show you some simple concepts that will help you get the most out of it. The truth is that it’s quite simple to get great results from your camera, no matter what kind it is. You just need a little information that will set you free, photographically speaking. Let’s look at the simple concept if middle gray and the histogram in your camera and I think you’ll be quite amazed at what this information can do for the quality of your photographs. Let’s dig in and get you excited again about your new camera.

Tricks in Photography With Art

Quite often, if you focus only on the technicalities of photography, you won’t get very far. The major reason is because photography is an art. With the development of digital photography, artistic experimentation can also be expanded beyond imagination. If you find yourself stuck very often, then this article will teach you how to recover your artistic sixth sense so that you take pictures with style and confidence.

Create Your Own Picture Frame With Canvas Sheets And A Laser Printer

Gone are the days when manual cameras were used to take pictures to be put on photo frames. This is due to the fact that technology has provided everyone the expediencies through digital gadgets like digital cameras and laser printers. Today, when people create picture frames, they use printers and frame the pictures on their own.

Taking Pictures in Budapest

Normally I spend much time and effort looking for a good spot to photograph the city from above. Nothing like that is needed in Budapest. Beautiful view of the city you can see from everywhere.

Tricks in Photography With RAW

Raw is commonly used among photographer enthusiast to create the most high quality photos possible. This article will teach what a raw image is, it’s capabilities, and pros and cons of creating raw compared to normal photos.

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