Majestic Mountain Mammals: Wildlife Photography Made Easy with Liam Doran | OPTIC 2021

Printing Your Photos For Gifts

Photos are an increasingly popular choice for gifts for close family. Learn more about the printing and gift options available for your family or individual photographs.

A Guide to 5 Different Types of Portrait Photography

You are thinking of entering the world of Portrait Photography, but what is Portrait Photography? There are many different types, not just the formal head and shoulders shot. This article will introduce you to five different types of portrait photography.

How to Compile a Checklist for a Wedding Photographer

You have just been booked for your first wedding. What if you get an attack of the nerves during your first shoot? Disaster? Not if you have compiled a checklist of shots, of reminders to keep you on the straight and narrow. To turn a disaster into a success.

How Do I Become a Wedding Photographer?

Wedding Photography, although lucrative can be tough to get into. This article gives you some ideas on how to get started. So take a look and start supplementing your income or even start a whole new career – TODAY!!

Top 10 Guide to Essential Wedding Photography Equipment

You have decided that your passion lies in Wedding Photography and have decided to try it out. You are now wondering what equipment you need to get started. This article should help you well on the way to answering that, with my Top 10 Guide to Essential Wedding Photography Equipment.

Amateur Wedding Photography, 10 Tips for Success

Being an amateur in wedding photography should not stop you from taking great pictures of the event. Here are 10 tips for you take wedding shots like a pro.

Pocket Size Accessories For Your Compact Digital Camera

Many people today want to have small sized electronics gadgets that they can easily bring along wherever they want to go. Even with digital cameras, they also prefer the pocket size units that they can just insert in any of their pant’s or jacket’s pockets.

Simplicity In Photography Composition

In simple terms, composition refers to the systematic arrangement of objects for a particular purpose or to achieve a specific result. This aspect is important in the field of photography and in essence it refers to the arrangement to object within the view finder with the aim of emphasizing certain aspects. This composition process may be done to bring out an object(s), the foreground or background. For instance sometimes you may view a picture that has a blurred background or slightly obscured main object and this may have been done intentionally so as to bring out a particular effect or highlight another object.

How to Restore Photos Using High and Low Frequencies

This article is an introduction to an advanced photoshop technique where an image is separated into its high and low frequency components. This technique allows the photo to be restored or enhanced without losing the tone and depth of the original photo and is particularly useful when working on skin complexion.

How to Create a Photography Business in Your Basement!

Some advice on building a photography studio in your home. A quick summary of what my husband and did when we built our photography studio in our basement.

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