Magical Photo Manipulation Tool in Photoshop! – PUPPET WARP Fully Explained

What Should We Wear for Our Family Portrait?

Clothing tips for family and individual portraits. What to wear to appear slimmer. What to wear to make your portrait a classic piece that will last years.

How to Learn Photography: Digital Photography for Beginners

In this article, you will learn the different kinds and functions of cameras. Please read the article to learn more.

What Is Light Painting in Photography?

Night photography is not really difficult just like what a lot of people think. However, there’s an important tool needed to have the job finished correctly. Here is the list of compulsory as well as optional items that you must have for night photography.

Dating Old Photographs With Fashion

Using the clothing of a photography subject can be a great way to determine when a photo was taken. Here is an overview of fashion from 1840-1960s to help you get started.

Ways to Date Old Photographs

Learn about several ways to date old photographs. Dating photographs can be fun and easy if you know where to begin your research. This article will help you get started.

Digital Photography – Riding the Wave

Digital photography is the most important technology in video and picture taking today. It has transformed the landscape of the science of photography. Anyone can now take great photos, just as professional photographers do.

The Top 7 Photography Apps for Your Smartphones and Tablets

Advance mobile technology has allowed us to get the most of our smartphones and tablets. Aside from sending SMS, calling and browsing, smartphones can now be used as digital camera substitutes. A lot of people who own tablets also use their devices to take photos. Although these gadgets cannot really compare with high-end point-and-shoots and SLRs in terms of photo quality, there are apps that allow users to come up with pictures that are more than the ordinary. Here are seven apps that smartphone and tablet users can use to improve their photographic experience. The apps are divided according to their function or main feature.

Why Photographic Insurance Is The Best Way To Save Your Wedding Day

Wedding businesses are booming and never run out of season. Each weekend, there seems to be a wedding going on in town. This has created a large business for wedding service providers including wedding photographers.

Can Smartphones Replace the Ordinary Point-N-Shoot Cameras?

Many of our smartphones today have advanced features, including HD cameras that can take good photos just like any ordinary point-and-shoot. The Nokia 808 PureView and Apple’s iPhone 5, for example, are good for taking detailed photos. Samsung’s Galaxy series also have good camera features. But can smartphones really take the place of ordinary point-and-shoot cameras?

Tips On Making The Best Photographs For Special Occasions

In as much as the best modern photography equipment is ideal for quality pictures, it all narrows down to one simple aspect – observation. Professional photography is not just about taking pictures with nice equipment, but how you notice something and make it look good using the equipment. Therefore, in this field, the least you should worry about is equipment.

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