Luxli Timpani 2 LED Light Panel: Unlimited Creativity! | Hands-on Review

The Ultimate Digital Camera Accessory

Ok so you’ve decided to buy digital camera. You chose the one best suited to your wants and needs. It apparently does everything you can imagine but for some reason your photos aren’t turning out the way you’d like them to. You’re wondering – should I upgrade or see if any accessories can help?

The Pros and Cons of Lots of Megapixels in Your Digital Camera

The pros and cons of having a large number of Megapixels in your camera are examined. Discover which is the right option for you when choosing a camera.

Digital Photography Basics: What Is White Balance?

White balance is a name given to a system of color correction to deal with differing lighting conditions. Normally our eyes compensate for different lighting conditions, but when taking a still with a digital camera the camera has to find the “white point” (the assumption that a white object must appear white) to correct other colors cast by the same light. Your camera has four ways of setting this white point so the color white is balanced properly.

Beautiful Black and White Photography Is The Heart Of Existense For Me As a Photography Archivist

Beautiful black and white photography is the center of life for me. When I was younger, I started buying old photography at flea markets and antique stores. My first find was a photo of serene beach scene by award wining photographer Dapixara.

Photography and Creativity

Taking Photographs vs Photographing is about how fast you photograph. The digital camera has made it very cheap for us to photograph. We click, click, click and click, we look at the images, We continue to click away. It’s almost like watching TV. It’s mindless. No, actually, it’s thought-less.

Light Trails Tutorial For Photography

Introduction Taking photo’s of light trails may seem difficult, but it’s rather easier than expected, and is based on a lot of trial and error. Light trail photos are most common found with car headlights and tail lights, but you can also make light trails with stars (star trails) or any other light in motion. Light trails are basically Long Exposure shots that take place around moving sources of light.

Steps to Produce the Perfect Canvas Art Product

The first step in creating the canvas art print is the printing of the image. Large format printers from Epson and HP are regarded as the best in the industry. Only the highest possible quality of inks should be used in order to get the best colour reproduction and life like renderings.

How to Photograph a Beautiful Engagement Shoot

Are you a new photographer wanting to capture the perfect engagement shoot for your client? Well, there’s a couple of things you can do in advance to prepare for the perfect shoot. It all comes down to correspondence with your client, and you being prepared.

Building a Useful Photography Workflow (With Aperture)

Proper organization and efficiency is essential to maintaining a photography library. This article provides the basics of a good workflow, including transferring, organizing, and backing up of images.

If You Have to Do This, Then It Never Was a Good Photograph to Begin With

Want to be a bad photographer? Well, it’s simpler than you may think. It all boils down to lack of a signature, or style. Instead, define yourself.

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