Lumix GH6 Mirrorless Camera: Panel Discussion with Frederick Van Johnson

A Excellent Gift For Any Circumstance – Personalised Photo Albums

When you ask someone what the most unforgettable occasions in their life are, people across the world will refer to specific times from their childhood years, probably their first date, undoubtedly their marriage ceremony, simply to point out a couple. Memories could certainly fade as time passes, nonetheless, so it is essential to retain our only physical memories for this moment, our photographs, making them secure and safe. When looking to find an ideal gift, you can’t get it wrong using a personalised photo album, since the recipient will probably treasure it forever.

Learn Digital Photography – 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Camera

All of us face the blast of advertising everyday from TV, internet and paper sources telling us why we need the latest and greatest version or model of whatever. The world of digital photography is not exempt and perhaps is even a major player in vying for our spare cash. Unless you are up to date, how much of this is relevant to the purchase of a new camera. What should you do when faced by the advertising salvos on your wallet? Let’s take a look at what you should consider before responding to this advertising onslaught.

Applications of 2 Kinds of Clipping Masks – Playing Hide and Seek With Pixels!

Even for an experienced artist the learning process is always on. So here is a lesson for them too, even if they have used it themselves at some point for a client.

Zenit 12xp Exposure and Shutter Speed

Setting exposure with exposure meter on Zenit 12xp. Semi-automatic exposure meter device measures the light passing through the lens of the camera (System TTL on our Zenit 12xp). As a result, you can, and manages the shutter speed or aperture, with high precision to set the exposure depending on the brightness of the subject and the speed used photographic material.

DSLRs Camera and Video Format

Most newer DSLRs and all mirror-less interchangeable-lens models offer HD video capability. Some offer 1080 Rill HD and others offer 720 HD. The 1080 format provides videos 1920 pixels wide and 1020 lines deep.

Tips for Better Digital Photography

Digital photography is quickly replacing film photography. While there are some hobbyists and even professional photographers that still shoot film photos, the many advantages of digital photos are winning over more photographers on a daily basis. Digital photography tends to be easier and faster to shoot. In addition, it gives the photographer more options in shooting the pictures, editing the photos and even printing and ways of sharing the photos. If you’re ready to be a better digital photographer, here are some tips to get you shooting higher quality photos.

Photography – Types of Services Offered

Photographers have a lot of responsibility when it comes to capturing precious moments in life. Experienced photographers are there to help you catch all of them. Professional photography services include…

What to Look for When Shopping for a Tripod

Tripods are more complex than they might first appear. This article breaks it all down and helps you understand the options available to you.

White Balance

White balance is a tool in your camera that helps you capture the colors of a shot and make them as real as possible. Basically, what white balance does is that it recognizes the “whites” in the image. It is said that all the colors are derived from the white color. For example, sunlight is white in color but when it hits the prism it splits into a rainbow. Therefore, if you can…

Learn Digital Photography – Keep the Fun Factor in Your Photography

Photography should always be fun and if yours isn’t then you have a problem. It’s no longer a hobby or a pastime and the question I would ask is, “Why are you doing it?”. What’s the purpose of investing time and money in something if you aren’t getting anything out of it. If your photography has reached this point then do something about it. here are my suggestions for putting fun back into your photography.

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