Look Closer: Changing Ordinary Subjects into Macro Photos with Joey Terrill | OPTIC 2021

Lifestyle Photography Or A Studio Session

When many of us think about booking a photography session, we automatically imagine ourselves in a photographic studio with bright lights, reflectors, and a whole host of technical looking equipment. Whether we have chosen to book a couple’s photography session, or family photography, the default is the studio session, but there is an alternative option. Lifestyle photography is shot on location and offers an opportunity to take much more relaxed, natural photographs.

Photo Tips – To Get Creative With Your Photography, Shoot Your Photos From A New Vantage Point!

Photos seem to all be shot from the same locations and vantage points. Avoid this trap and your photography will immediately improve.

Zoom Photography – There Is A Right Way And A Wrong Way!

There are two ways to shoot zoom photos, optically and digitally. Choose the wrong one and you are in trouble!

How To Shoot Stunning City Skyline Photography!

Have you seen those skyline photos with a golden sunlit glow on the buildings, yet there are lights in the windows and traffic trails? Here’s how it is done…

Here Is A Weekend Photo Project That Is A Lot Of Fun!

Sometimes we need to step back from all the technical details and photo rules – and just have some fun! Here is a photo project that will do just that!

How To Shoot Black And White Photography – And Create Masterpieces!

If you have tried and tried to master black and white photography but just haven’t been able to get there… Here are a couple photo tips that will help.

Photo Tip – Eliminate Camera Shake In Nighttime and Long Exposure Photography!

Camera shake in long exposure and night photography can be minor, but still ruin a good photo. Here is how to avoid it…

How to Take Good Digital Photos

Camera manufacturers offer numerous tips about how to take good digital photos. If you have recently switched from using a film camera, you could be a little confused. Relax. Taking photos without film is actually easier in many ways.

Three Photography Tricks and Techniques for Beginners

These photography tricks and techniques are for beginners. It’s not that experienced photographers do not use these techniques; it’s just that they are easy enough for beginners to use.

Which Digital Camera Is Better?

Which digital camera is better for you? Your experience, your subjects and your price range are all things to consider. There are other considerations, too.

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