Lightroom Masks Explained | PTH #14

5 Easy But Powerful Ways To Improve Any Photo

People use special photo editing software to make their common photos more interesting and memorable. And even a little change or some nice special image effect can add to your digital photos unforgettable look and feelings.

How To Benefit From A Digital Camera Interval Timer

Are you fond of capturing images that need to be shown in sequence? Or are you planning to engage in such an activity known as time lapse photography? If so, then you need the help of an interval timer.

Mastering Outdoor Portrait Photography – Are You Up for the Challenge

One of the most popular genres of any photographic business is portrait photography. A large part of portraiture is outdoor portrait photography! In the studio it is so much easier to control all aspects of the portrait photo. Outdoors there is a little more work involved in controlling the environment. In any portrait, you need to talk to your client, and pose your subject for the best effect. Outdoor photography needs you to manage the lighting differently than the studio. We will look at all these points in discovering how to master outdoor portrait photography.

Art Imagery Can Enhance Relationships

This article is a wake-up call: When those you care about are gone, what will you have left visually of the relationships and what they meant to you? Just memories? A few fuzzy snapshots? Or, artfully made quality images that clearly portray you and them, your relationship together, the good times shared, the things you held in common? If the latter is what you want then you need to do something about it now, while you still can. Don’t wait until its too late!

Natural History Photography As the Most Demanding Type of Taking Pictures

It is well-known that to take pictures of wild animals is very demanding and need a lot of patience to follow the rhythms of nature and the shy animals. But the need for photographic equipment is equally demanding to be able to take pictures of the natural world in the most diverse kind of environments and environmental conditions.

What Expectations Should I Have With My Portrait Experience

What should you expect when you go to have a portrait made? You just dress up and go to the studio and say “Cheese”…

Why Choose a Professional Photographer?

When everyone around you seems to be taking decent photographs, why would you spend your money on hiring a professional? Many people will ask themselves this question, and very often the answer will simply be “price”. But would you simply settle for “decent”? Wouldn’t you expect nothing less than FANTASTIC for your portrait photographs?

Benefits of Professional Photography Services

The trend of hiring a professional photographer is rising day by day. Some of the major benefits of hiring a quality and experienced photographer for any of your special event have been discussed below.

Professional Vs Amateur Photography

Whenever photography is done, it is either done by a professional or an amateur photographer. A person engaged in the art of photography full time and making a living on it is categorized as professional photographer. An amateur photographer may be, and in most of the cases is, employed full time in another profession like a accountant, salesman etc. or may be running a business as an entrepreneur.

Hire The Right Lighting Equipment To Enhance Production Value

Lighting equipment hire is an essential part of any production, considering the expenses involved in the purchase of the required accessories. Lighting and grip equipment rental services provide excellent combo packages, including all types of lighting kits and grip gears, which is essential to enhance the value of videos shot for: Commercials, Documentaries, Independent films, Industrial videos, and Corporate events. Lighting kits are also hired for still photo shoots. With fast advancement in the film-making technology, production is not exclusive to bigger projects.

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