LG UltraGear 34″ Curved Gaming Monitor

Wedding Photography – Contemporary or Classic Style?

Special effects Black and white photos are very beautiful and very flexible. They can be easily manipulated, and a professional can get great results with a bit of work. Compared to the colored ones, the black and white photos can have different contrast, make the sky darker, etc.

Selfie Mania

Correcting deficiencies in the new selfie rage.. Convenience sometimes gets in the way of quality in a portrait. Let’s keep all the advantages of the new technology and improve it on the way.

5 Tips for Taking Great Food Pics for Social Media

Whether you snap food pics for fun or for your blog or website, you’ll want some seriously eye-catching photography. Fortunately, this doesn’t require blowing your budget on the latest camera. You really only need a smartphone and these 5 tips to taking great photos for social media.

Camera Lens F-Stop Values Explained

I was recently looking to buy a second-hand 50mm camera lens. My options were an f/1.7 or an f/2 maximum aperture from the same manufacturer. Lenses with the larger aperture were selling for more than twice the price of the f/2 variety, and I started wondering how much faster an f/1.7 was, and whether it was worth the extra money. I had to stop and think about this for a few moments (since I am a born-again amateur 35mm film photographer). This article is the fruit of my musing, and designed to help anyone who similarly wants to understand the finer details of lens f-stops values.

5 Tips Before Starting A Photo Booth Business

What you should know before starting a Photo Booth business. Consider these 5 things before you decide to start your business.

Should an Actor Have Facial Hair In His Headshot?

Facial hair is quite popular at the moment, everything from full beards to designer stubble can commonly be seen on the streets of our cities. However there’s a couple of things to consider when thinking about having facial hair in your headshot, ‘to beard or not to beard’ or is ‘moustache the question’. Headshots are about creating the right first impression and facial hair can occasionally give

5 Photography Tips For Beginners

Now that you have a camera and started taking photos you might feel that you are not getting the desired look and feel you envisioned for the shot. Here are 5 tips to make that image better.

Noteworthy Reasons To Take Up A Photoshop Course Today

There are many reasons why any budding photographer should take up a Photoshop course. One of these reasons is if you are looking to turn all your captured images into masterpieces, you need to learn how to use this software. You can read the other notable reasons below.

Purchasing an Underwater Digital Camera – The Must Knows

A person, who loves to travel, will undoubtedly own a camera so that he can click pictures of the places he visits and create memories with his family and friends that will last a lifetime. If you’re an adventure lover, you probably own a good waterproof sports camera already.

5 Ways a Waterproof Sports Camera Can Help You

Love to click pictures? Love going for underwater expeditions and exploring the beautiful world beneath the sea? If your answer to both these questions is yes, then your trips and excursions are absolutely incomplete without a waterproof sports camera. As the name suggests, such cameras are waterproof but they also come with many more advantages, 5 of which have been mentioned below in details.

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