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How to Correct Perspective and Straighten Your Photos Using Photoshop Elements

If you have a photo of a building that looks like it’s falling over, or a lake that is sloping downhill, this can be easily fixed using the straighten and perspective correction tools found in Photoshop Elements and the full Photoshop CS versions. The same tools are also available in the full Photoshop CS version.

Use Chroma-Key Photo Software To Process Any Digital Background For Green Screen You Have

Have you ever wanted to edit your own videos at home but didn’t know how to create the special effects process like you see in Hollywood? If the answer is yes, then let me introduce you to chroma-key photo software. Chroma key has been in use in the movie making industry for decades. This technique is widely used in movies as well as in the weather news on TV. You will probably recognize the digital background for green screen when using this process.

Capturing Your Family History Through Photos

Your family photo history is incomplete if one or two members of the family are always serving as photographer and rarely making it into the group photos. Because this is the case for many families, some have found that they have to make an effort to make sure everybody is represented in the family portraits.

How to Convert Your Old Photos Into Something Special

Your old photos are the basis for creating many unique pieces of vintage wall art. These creations will be charming character additions to your home whether or not they are in the form of framed originals projects using prints scanned from original photographs.

Photography Courses Online – An Overview

Today, photography courses online are of great importance instead of the conventional classes. You can attend these online classes from the ease of your home and can fix your own schedules. These online photography courses are perfect for both the fresher and experienced students since the syllabus of such courses vary from person to person depending on their requirement.

What Wedding Photography Is All About

A wedding is like a stage show with the bride as producer, director and lead star.Weddings can closely be related to a stage show with the bride as the lead, director and producer. Planning a wedding is like making a stage show.

Photo Storage Boxes, Archival Bags and Other Solutions – And What To Look For

Whether they were taken last week or a century ago, traditional photographic images require special care when it comes to long-term archival storage. This is something of which few people are aware, however.

Capture Special Memories for Less With Your Local Photography Studio

Want to preserve those special moments forever, but don’t want to pay big bucks for mediocre results? Then skip the chain photographers and opt for photographers from your local portrait studio!

Chroma Key Body Suit and Its Wonders

It is just like a magical wand that the technology, Chroma Key, works. Ever come across a scene in a movie where the protagonist in the movie vanishes in a matter of few seconds? This invisibility is worked up with sheer magic of the technology but in reality it is not that complicated to understand how the technique works. The one particular thing that helps a subject become invisible is the green screen body suit.

How Photography Shaped the Need for Artificial Light in Our Present Time

in 1939 the first fluorescent lights were available at the New York World’s Fair. In the years following fluorescent lights were used in every imaginable way lighting up hundreds of office spaces even photography studios because of their continuous light emissions and low energy cost. But the difficult remained with the assortment of colors outputted when in use. Over the years simple changes took place surrounding the phosphors to extenuate a longer life span and provide a more consistent discharge of gases.

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