Landscape Photography Gear Guide: What Do You Need?

10 Reasons New Parents Need a Canon A480 Powershot Digital Camera

Every new parent needs a digital camera. There are hundreds of models available. Here is a brief overview of the Canon Powershot A480 with 10 reasons why it can be of benefit to parents.

Is The Canon Powershot 20 IS Really Worth The Money?

The Canon Powershot 20 IS has a fairly hefty price tag. Here you will find the pros and cons of this popular camera so you can make an informed decision about purchasing one for yourself.

Top Digital Cameras For 2012

Digital cameras continue to advance as time goes by. Manufacturers compete against each other the reason why they make it a point to add more features to their new models. The upgrade takes place in just a short time so it’s worth educating yourself about the brands and the features you want in a camera.

Wedding Photography Poses Checklist

Are you puzzled by what to include on wedding photography poses checklist? If so, read this great article to help you make an excellent job of photographing your friends’ or relatives’ Wedding Day. This article goes over the main poses you need to consider and makes for a great checklist to use on the day.

Jewelry Photography Basics

Jewelry photography is a specialty style of photography. Most people will use a lightbox, or tent which is simply a cube that is build up of translucent material shaped in a cube. The translucent material is used to diffuse hard light to avoid harsh shadows. But usually what you end up with is super low contrast flat lighting. This style is most popular with catalog style photography. But if you are looking to create a stunning photo of a piece of jewelry you are going to have use a different method to create a “beauty” shot as they call it in the industry.

Photography Tips That Are Proven To Work

To become skilled in photography it is important to know the correct techniques to showcase your subject. Good advice will help in this regard. These tips will help you take better photographs and have people talking about your skills.

How To Use Lens Aperture to Demonstrate Importance and Tell Stories in Your Photos

Have you ever wondered how to use your lens aperture creatively, perhaps at a wedding or when shooting landscape scenes? This article reveals how depth of field can be used to achieve this kind of creativity. It involves bringing the viewer’s attention in portraits exactly where you want it with clever diffusion of the background and to tell a successful story about your landscape images.

Photography Tripods and Monopods Guide

Tripods and monopods deliver more stability than hands shooting. This article offers an unbiased tripod camera review and tells you which photography products to select.

Top Photography Tips for Beginners

New-found interest in photography came about when the digital age made it easier to take photos and share them with a bigger audience, whether through blogs or social networking sites. Taking pictures can be a truly gratifying experience when you see the lovely outcome. Now you don’t really need a sophisticated camera to take a stab at photography.

Spot Metering Made Easy Through The Lens For High Dynamic Range Landscapes

One of the most accurate and powerful ways to take meter readings of light through the lens to determine the dynamic range of a scene is spot metering. It can help you produce a correct exposure every single time you press the shutter release button. If you’ve struggled to produce photographs that look right in the shadow, midtone and highlight regions then this step-by-step guide can help you get things right.

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