Landscape Photography Basics: From Prep to Shoot with Colby Brown

Is The New Canon 5D Mark III Worth The Upgrade?

The New Canon 5D Mark III is a beautiful achievement in photography, but is it worth the upgrade from it’s predecessor? Find out here if the Canon Rumors about the 5D MkIII are true!

Seven Steps to Successful Street Photography

Have you ever tried taking a picture of a friend and you told her to, “Just act natural?” While attempting to take the second shot, did your friend look right into the camera? Have you ever wondered how street photographers manage to capture the most candid shots of their subject? Most of the people seem so unaware of the artistic invasion. The photographers often allow us a glimpse inside the world that they’ve created through lenses.

How to Build a Successful Portrait Photography Business

Starting a successful photography business from the ground up can be challenging. However, with these tips you can be well on your way to starting a successful portrait photography business!

Do You Need Fast, Easy Pictures Without Losing Quality? Find the Best Bridge Camera for You!

The best bridge cameras are the ones that represent the ideal compromise between cost, quality, and simplicity. Like point-and-shoot cameras, they are portable and easy to use, but they also approach the image quality of highly expensive, highly technical, and highly bulky SLRs. If you want the user-friendliness of low-maintenance speed-snapping without the hassle of lugging around extra lenses that constantly need to be changed, then finding the best bridge camera is essential for the photographer in you.

Mission Possible: Finding an Affordable Wedding Photographer

Read a writing about how to seek for affordable wedding photographers. Know more on what traits to look after when choosing the right person to hire.

Achieving the World’s Finest Imaging for Documentary Commercial Photography and Fine Art

As digital photography and imaging becomes increasingly advanced, where does it fit in the world of leading-edge documentary, industrial commercial photography, concerned with the world’s finest results more so than work flow? To follow is an overview of the process to deliver leading imaging.

The Ugly Duckling: Defining Your Photography Style

I spend a lot of my free time on the web exploring the work of professional and amateur photographers for ideas and inspiration. What I have discovered is that there is a lot of mediocrity out there and most of this is due to what I call a “lack of style.”  Now, before you get your knickers in a knot (you other photographers) I place myself firmly and squarely in that category of having a lot of mediocrity circulating out there for public consumption.

The Changing Face of Modeling

When most people think about the profession of modeling, the image that likely comes to mind is that of a runway fashionista, tall, rail-thin and usually blonde. But, in today’s increasingly diverse world, that conventional image sometimes does not match reality. Sexiness comes in a number of forms.

Why Do You Need a Professional Photographer for Your Wedding?

Imagine flowing back in time when you had vowed for a lifetime of love and support with your partner. This is when you had everything you have ever wanted in your life, with so many people cheering out loud. Everything on the day of your wedding is just perfect. However to aid this backward journey, the only tool is photographs. Yes, photographs can really take you back in time and to give the exact picture of your ‘perfect day’. However you need to have a professional wedding photographer by your side.

Finding a Wedding Photographer Whose Services Are Cheap: Out of the Question?

Read a writing about certain ways on how to hunt for a wedding photographer who does not charge much. Know more about the things to consider before actually hiring one.

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