Kristi Odom’s Most Dangerous Wildlife Photography Photoshoot & More | 21 Questions

How to Pose Like a Model

A picture of a picket fence taken straight on will not look special. Taken at an angle, depth will be introduced into the photograph. We can apply this rule to portraiture Learning how to pose like a model will prepare you for what photographers will instruct during a shoot.

Aerial Photography: Professional Photographer Talks About the Basics of Aerial Photography

Aerial photography can be a challenge if one is new at it. It requires much more than just shooting a view from a high elevation and it can be very mundane if not done in an artistic and creative way.

Professional Interior Photographer Shares the Advantages of Electronic Flash Lighting Systems

Lighting for interiors is a complicated issue; it is indeed an art in itself. When photographing interiors, the interior photographer must be able to control the effect of the existing light and balance it to the ambient light as well as the other brighter light sources, and for this, a high powered flash lighting system offers the most flexibility and control.

Professional Photography Skills for the Corporate Photographer

Corporate photography for annual reports, Public relations or corporate brochures requires a photographer with extensive experience and resourcefulness. Unlike the studio product or portrait photographer, where the environment is controlled and predictable, the scenario is very different for the annual report or corporate photographer who is always working on location under unpredictable and unforeseen circumstances.

Landscape Photography – How to Do It Like a Pro

Landscape Photography is the type of photography that we make when we go touring the country. Many of us do it when we go on long trips involving nature, but it’s also relevant when it comes to taking pictures of places around our regular life.

From Still Life To Sittings: Techniques For Mastering Photography

Anybody can snap shots using a camera and stay fortunate enough to get a few decent pictures. There is a lot more of a process to going for a good picture than a lot of people realize. Should you be looking to consider your photographic skills up a notch, view the following guidelines on how to improve.

Learning to Become a Photographer – “Exposure and Modes”

Let me premise this article by assuming that you, the reader, have owned a digital camera for at least three months. Furthermore, I will also assume that you have tried your hand at photography and have, as a result, discovered it’s not as easy as you’d hoped it would be. If this assumption is correct and you are indeed an interested reader, then these article has been written just for you.

Digital Camera Basics – Exposure Compensation

Digital cameras all have a built-in light meter to calculate exposure. In some tricky situation like shooting object in the snow or against very bright background, the camera will require a bit of help from a photographer to achieve a perfect exposure.

A Look at the AF-S 55-300mm Nikon D3100 Lens

The first article in a review series about Nikon D3100 lenses. This article focuses on the AF-S 55-300mm Lens.

How to Choose a Boudoir Photographer

Choosing the right photographer to take boudoir photographs of you is critical. Here is a list of questions and helpful hints you can ask to help you hire the right photographer for your boudoir session.

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