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How to Use Exposure Compensation on Your Camera

Learn how to use the exposure compensation setting on your camera to capture perfectly exposed photographs. Never shoot an underexposed or overexposed image ever again!

Capturing Autumn Colors

Capturing the best colors of nature is a very fascinating opportunity for a photographer. Vivid and stunning tones make images appear so real that it just seems that you feel inside the frame, and embrace the beautiful yellow, orange and red colored leaves of fall foliage at your palms. Autumn colors are a spectacular example of our nature world, which immediately give you the feeling of tranquility and beauty when you actually find yourself in a national park or forest floor.

How to Take the Best Model Photos, Photography Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks on how to photograph models. Discover tips on posing models, capturing the best shots, working with new models and more.

Nature Photography

Nature Photography is a very broad term and so contains many subcategories. Some subcategories are Wildlife Photography, Landscape Photography, Seascape Photography, Plant Photography and many more.

The 5 Essential Things You Want From Your Wedding Photographer!

1. Tell your Story. You need a wedding photographer to really tell the story of your day.

Has Digital Photography Made “The Kodak Moment” a Thing of the Past?

It was not too long ago when we were dragging around a camera bag filled with film, a heavy bulky camera, and for those real enthusiasts, extra lenses. If you wanted professional quality pictures you had to spend a professional amount of money. Now we have cameras that can take professional quality photos and fit in your pocket.

Seven Tips For Better Photography

An event photographer must get involved encouraging the theme of the event, looking to highlight special candid moments and get updates from event organizer. It is always good to arrive early and be the last to leave the event. A photographer must expect the unexpected in every event and be ready for everything.

How to Give Your Photos More Drama and Depth

Have you ever sat someone down to look at your holiday pictures only to find that as you force them to flick through them they start nodding off? Or have you ever been on the receiving end of this show and dreaded seeing another picture?

Top Tips to Make Your Photos Less Boring

In the age of Facebook and smartphones we are taking more photos perhaps than ever before and are sharing them more than ever before too. Whereas once we might take a few photos because we were going on holiday, now we take hundreds of photos of even the most inane things – whether it’s having friends round for tea or noticing a rock that looks like a face. On the one hand this is actually a very nice way to keep a constant record of your life, and looking back it’s ideal for nostalgic types.

Kirlian Photography – Science or Pseudo-Science

Kirlian photograpy is a fascinating subject and it has so far defied any attempts at categorization. As such, Kirlian photography cannot be conclusively defined as being a mainstream scientific discipline nor can it be marginalized for being solely pseudo-scientific. History of Kirlian Photography Many people are surprised to learn that the history of Kirlian photography goes back well over a hundred years.

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