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Discovering Boudoir Art

The real essence of Boudoir Art has always been misunderstood by other people. Well, Boudoir Art’s literal meaning is “lady’s bedroom”. It is a kind of photography which tackles the sensitive and feminine side of every model. It reveals the strength of every woman for self-expression. And the skill of a photographer in revealing beauty at its best.

Tips For Finding A Professional Photographer in Detroit

If you live in the Detroit metropolitan area, you know that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of photographers that claim to be professionals. Truth be told, they may say they’re a professional, but you need to have more than just a camera and a web site to be considered a professional photographer in Detroit.

Photography Names – Some Tips and Ideas

End up with a nice short and sweet photography related name. A name that combined some unrelated words.

Online Canvas Printing – Make a Photo Canvas Print Out Of Your Digital Pictures

Online canvas printing is wonderful for making art work for gifts in order to give away or even for your own walls. Taking snapshots of family and friends and getting them printed on canvases will impress your friends and relations on his or her special birthday. Additionally, you will really like your own images being converted to canvas prints for your home or office.

How to Sell Pictures to Magazines

Would you like to sell pictures to magazines and journals? Popular magazines regularly purchase high-quality images from freelance photographers.

Take Rememberable Photos: Another Photography Tip

Do you hang onto items that hold special memories for you? Are you tired of them cluttering your home? In this article I will show you a way to gain more space without having to lose your precious memories.

Why The Sony 3D TX9 Camera Is NOT Really 3D

When the first 3D cameras where released to the markets it seemed like there is a technological buzz around them. Each of the leading camera manufacturers hurried to show it has a 3D camera capability too. The first 3D digital camera was the Fuji W1, and then came the upgraded W3 model. Sony released the TX9 as the world smallest 3D camera. But it is not really a 3D camera.

Which SDHC Card Size Is Best For 3D Cameras?

As you know most 3D cameras come without any memory card in the box, so it is the customer responsibility to buy the correct memory card for his camera. Since there are numerous cards in all sizes and types, this review will make some logic and give guidelines which SDHC card size is most recommended.

5 Sony 3D TX9 Camera Cool Features

Sony launched a new 3D camera lately; the TX9 3D camera. It was launched as the world smallest 3D camera. Sony is bombarding the markets with new 3D camera types and models, new releases are expected to hit the markets soon. Most of the 3D cameras have the same technological features and what is changing it the pixel count, and the marketing features as “waterproof” or bright colors and designs.

Professional Photo Printing

Though technology has given everyone the chance to do things out of their own homes, getting something professionally done can still have it’s own benefits. One prime example is professional photo printing.

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