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Digital Camera: The Top and Back Features Explained

Most digital cameras got nearly the same basic features; today we will introduce you to a more typical features found on the top and the back side of a compact digital camera. The Top Side Features:

Save Time by Streamlining Your Photography Output and Delivery Workflow

Workflow is a hot topic for photographers. We only have so much time in a day and we’d prefer to spend all available time taking photographs and being creative. Unfortunately, there are other things a photographer must do and a well-managed workflows ensure we can the majority of our time behind our cameras.

Avoid These Four Amateur Mistakes When Traveling With Your Camera

People often think that I am a ‘travel photographer’. Well, I’m not. What I am is a photographer that travels.

Using “Photo of the Day” to Increase Photography Creativity

I have long incorporated the “Photo of the Day” exercise into my Photography Lab classes. They are a great way to make sure you are taking a least one photograph a day. They force you to begin to think creatively as you have to find more and more ways to photograph the same thing everyday.

The Professional Photographer – Defining Your Vision

Over the last several years a photographer’s vision and their visual approach has become the major defining tool for art buyers. Shockingly, most photographers are still unaware of how important it is to define, develop and market their vision. Read this article to find out how you can define your vision.

7 Things to Remember Before You Use Your Digital Camcorder

Many people use digital camcorders for various purposes but there are some common mistakes that we all make while using them. Have you ever wondered why the recording you just did look so lifeless or even sometimes you feel it is too fast? Since we are not professionals, there are a few things that one can take care before starting to shoot.

Speedlite 430exii Review of DSLR

Anyone can be a professional photographer these days. Digital photography has made taking photos a lot simpler via dependable solutions.

How To Build An Effective Online Portfolio

Everyone in the industry has got one from photographers to makeup artists to models and stylists. It’s something that represents you, your talent, and what to expect for potential clients. It’s a type of resume that has to speak for itself by showing that you belong in the business. Here are a handful of key points that will help you either start or build your online portfolio.

Stock Footage – Merits of Its Usage

Stock footage is an ideal alternative to creating a whole new set up in film making and other production companies. They are cheaper and save time as well.

Be Yourself, With That Camera in Your Face!

Photographers now-a-days are your neighbors, your co-workers and that girl laughing at the booth next to you in the Waffle House. They aren’t the guy who nods and says “Ok, I can do that.”

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